478-117-235 - Denial or revocation of parking privileges

478-117-235. Denial or revocation of parking privileges

Commuter services reserves the right to deny or revoke parking privileges to anyone who has:

(1) Had a permit revoked;

(2) Falsified a parking application or registration;

(3) Counterfeited or altered a permit;

(4) Failed to pay outstanding citations;

(5) Been found to be in possession of or using a lost, refunded, or stolen permit;

(6) Removed an immobilization device without authorization;

(7) Been banned from campus;

(8) Failed to comply with commuter services directions;

(9) Damaged campus property while driving or parking on campus;

(10) Verbally abused or assaulted staff, including commuter services staff.

(Adopted by WSR 19-11-048, Filed 5/10/2019, effective 6/10/2019)

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