495A-121-042 - Performance dishonesty

495A-121-042. Performance dishonesty

(1) Honest assessment of student performance is of crucial importance to all members of the college community. It is the responsibility of the college administration and teaching faculty to provide reasonable and prudent security measures designed to minimize opportunities for acts of performance dishonesty which occur at the college.

(2) The student code of conduct shall not be construed as preventing an instructor from taking immediate disciplinary action when the instructor is required to act upon such breach of performance dishonesty in order to preserve order and prevent disruptive conduct in the classroom. This section shall also not be construed as preventing an instructor from adjusting the student's grade on a particular project, paper, test, or class grade for performance dishonesty. Acts of performance dishonesty shall be cause for disciplinary action. Acts of dishonesty shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) Any student who, for the purpose of fulfilling any assignment or task required by a faculty member as part of the student's program of instruction, shall knowingly tender any work product that the student fraudulently represents to the faculty member as their own work, shall be deemed to have committed an act of performance dishonesty.

(b) Any student who aids or abets the accomplishment of an act of performance dishonesty as described in (a) of this subsection.

(Amended by WSR 19-14-073, Filed 6/30/2019, effective 7/31/2019)

Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(10). 00-11-147, ยง 495A-121-042, filed 5/24/00, effective 6/24/00.

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