60-12-050 - Requests for public records

60-12-050. Requests for public records

(1) All requests for disclosure of public records must be submitted in writing directly to the commission's public records officer by mail at Washington State Beef Commission, 14240 Interur-ban Avenue, S. #224, Seattle, WA 98168 or by email at wsbc@wabeef.org. The written request should include:

(a) The name of the person requesting the record and the person's contact information;

(b) The calendar date on which the request is made;

(c) Sufficient information to readily identify the records being requested.

(2) Any person wishing to inspect the commission's public records may make an appointment with the public records officer to inspect the records at the commission office during regular business hours. In order to adequately protect the commission's public records, the following will apply:

(a) Public records made available for inspection may not be removed from the area the commission makes available for inspection;

(b) Inspection of any public record will be conducted in the presence of the public records officer or designee;

(c) Public records may not be marked or altered in any manner during inspection; and

(d) The commission has the discretion to designate the means and the location for the inspection of records. The viewing of those records that require specialized equipment shall be limited to the availability of that equipment located at the commission office and the availability of authorized staff to operate that equipment.

(Adopted by WSR 17-23-183, Filed 11/22/2017, effective 12/23/2017)

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