72-276-030 - Agency description-Public records officer-Public records

72-276-030. Agency description-Public records officer-Public records

(1) Washington state school for the blind is a state agency and school established and organized under the authority of chapter 72.40 RCW. The administrative office of the school is located at 2214 East 13th Street, Vancouver, Washington.

(2) The school operates under the supervision and control of the superintendent of the state school for the blind, appointed by the governor. The superintendent takes such actions and promulgates such rules, regulations, and policies in harmony with the rules and regulations established by the office of superintendent of public instruction and the United States Department of Education, as are necessary to the administration and operation of the school.

(3) A board of trustees serves as an advisory board to the superintendent and to the legislature. The board consists of a member from each of the states' congressional districts and ex officio members representing specific interests and constituents of the school. The responsibilities and functions of the board are provided in chapter 72.41 RCW.

(4) The on-campus school is under the direction of the director of education/on-campus programs. Additional departments include outreach, instructional resource/braille production center, early intervention and outreach. An organizational chart is available at the administrative office of the school.

(Amended by WSR 16-13-067, Filed 6/13/2016, effective 7/14/2016)

Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022 and 42.17.250. 90-16-009, ยง 72-276-030, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.

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