CHAPTER 296-400A - Plumber certification rules (296-400A-005 to 296-400A-430)

  1. 296-400A-005 - What definitions do I need to know to understand these rules?
  2. 296-400A-010 - Plumbing certificate types and scope of work
  3. 296-400A-020 - How do I obtain a certificate of competency?
  4. 296-400A-021 - How do I obtain a medical gas piping installer endorsement?
  5. 296-400A-022 - What procedure is required for renewal of a journey level medical gas endorsement?
  6. 296-400A-023 - What process is required for renewal of plumber certificates of competency?
  7. 296-400A-024 - How should a person performing plumbing wear or visibly display their certification, trainee card, or endorsement?
  8. 296-400A-025 - Who approves medical gas piping installer endorsement training courses?
  9. 296-400A-026 - What training course approval procedures for medical gas will the department follow?
  10. 296-400A-027 - Where can I obtain information regarding department approved training course providers?
  11. 296-400A-028 - What are the requirements for continuing education and classroom training?
  12. 296-400A-029 - What is the implementation schedule for the continuing education course requirements?
  13. 296-400A-030 - Do I need a temporary permit?
  14. 296-400A-031 - How do I qualify for a temporary permit?
  15. 296-400A-032 - How do I obtain a temporary permit?
  16. 296-400A-033 - What is the duration of a temporary permit?
  17. 296-400A-035 - How can I be placed on inactive status?
  18. 296-400A-036 - [Repealed]
  19. 296-400A-045 - What fees will I have to pay?
  20. 296-400A-050 - When does the advisory board of plumbers meet?
  21. 296-400A-070 - Can I work as a certified plumber in Washington without taking the Washington state plumbers' competency examination?
  22. 296-400A-100 - For certification purposes, how are "years of employment" computed and documented?
  23. 296-400A-110 - Does previous work experience count toward my trainee certificate?
  24. 296-400A-120 - What do I need to know about plumber trainee certificates?
  25. 296-400A-121 - What do I need to know about trainee experience and plumber examination requirements for the journey level and specialty plumber?
  26. 296-400A-122 - [Repealed]
  27. 296-400A-130 - What if I make a false statement or a material misrepresentation on an application, an employment report or a trainee certificate?
  28. 296-400A-135 - [Repealed]
  29. 296-400A-140 - How does the department enforce plumbers certification requirements?
  30. 296-400A-150 - May the department audit the records of a contractor?
  31. 296-400A-155 - Audit of trainee hours
  32. 296-400A-300 - What procedures does the department follow when issuing a notice of infraction?
  33. 296-400A-400 - What are the monetary penalties for violating certification requirements?
  34. 296-400A-425 - What if I owe outstanding penalties related to a department issued plumber infraction?
  35. 296-400A-430 - If I am a certified backflow assembly maintenance and repair, journey level, or specialty plumber do I need to be a registered contractor under chapter 18.27 RCW?

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