1. § 388-891A-0200 - May a guardian or another representative request an exception to a rule, mediation, or fair hearing on my behalf with DVR?
  2. § 388-891A-0205 - How do I ask for an exception to a rule in this chapter?
  3. § 388-891A-0206 - Are there exceptions to rules in this chapter that DVR will not grant?
  4. § 388-891A-0210 - What happens after I submit a request for an exception to a rule?
  5. § 388-891A-0211 - What does a DVR counselor do when they make a decision to deny my request for VR services, reasonable accommodation, or any other request that affects my participation in VR program services?
  6. § 388-891A-0215 - What may I do if a DVR counselor makes a decision about my VR services that I do not agree with?
  7. § 388-891A-0220 - What is the client assistance program (CAP)?
  8. § 388-891A-0225 - What is mediation?
  9. § 388-891A-0230 - When may I ask for mediation?
  10. § 388-891A-0235 - Who arranges and pays for mediation?
  11. § 388-891A-0240 - Is information discussed during mediation confidential?
  12. § 388-891A-0245 - If the mediation session results in an agreement, do I receive a written statement of the results?
  13. § 388-891A-0250 - What is a fair hearing?
  14. § 388-891A-0255 - How do I request a fair hearing?
  15. § 388-891A-0260 - After I submit a request for a fair hearing, when is it held?
  16. § 388-891A-0265 - What is a prehearing meeting?
  17. § 388-891A-0270 - Do I receive a written fair hearing decision?
  18. § 388-891A-0275 - Is the fair hearing decision final?
  19. § 388-891A-0295 - May DVR suspend, reduce, or terminate my services if I request a fair hearing?

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