W. Va. Code R. § 135-49-5 - Institution Compacts

Current through Register Vol. XXXIX, No. 11, March 18, 2022

5.1. Development.
5.1.1. The Council shall enter into a compact with each higher education institution under its jurisdiction to accomplish state and system goals, objectives and priorities as set forth in the system master plan.
5.1.2. Before the process of developing institution compacts begins, the Chancellor shall identify specific focus areas and proposed outcomes that align with state and system public policy goals, objectives and priorities for institutions to address. The Chancellor may identify focus areas applicable to all institutions or a designated group of institutions. The Chancellor may identify focus areas from which institutions may select only a certain number to address.
5.1.3. Institutions should develop proposed institution compacts in collaboration with as many institution units and constituency groups as possible to increase the likelihood that implementation will be effective.
5.1.4. Before becoming effective, a proposed institution contact shall be approved by the Council
5.1.5. Once approved, a compact constitutes a negotiated contract between the state institution of higher education and the Council.
5.2. Contents.
5.2.1. Each institution compact shall contain a comprehensive assessment of education needs within the institution's geographic area of responsibility, if applicable.
5.2.2 A summary of planned strategies and initiatives to ensure access to comprehensive community and technical college education by citizens in each community and technical college consortia district.
5.2.3. Each institution contract shall identify the institution's mission and address any changes that may be necessary or expedient to the accomplishment of state, system and institution goals, objectives and priorities.
5.2.4. Each institution compact shall explain how the compact aligns with and will be implemented in conjunction with the institution's master plan.
5.2.5. Each institution compact shall address all required focus areas and an appropriate number of elective focus areas, if any. For each focus area that an institution addresses in its proposed contact, the institution at a minimum must discuss: Current performance in addressing the focus area; Goals, objectives and priorities over the course of the compact period; Barriers to the accomplishment of the identified goals, objectives and priorities; and Strategies for focusing resources to accomplish the identified goals, objectives and priorities.
5.2.6. Each institution compact shall provide for collaboration and brokering of education services as necessary or expedient to carry out the institutional mission and meet its objectives, as appropriate.
5.2.7. Each institution compact shall address the provision of student services at the optimum level to support the institution mission and contact goals, objectives and priorities.
5.2.8. Each institution contact shall address strategies for using existing infrastructure and resources within each region, where feasible, to increase student access while controlling costs and maintaining academic quality.
5.3. Implementation.
5.3.1. The institution's board of governors and president shall be responsible for ensuring that the institution compact is implemented.
5.3.2 Each institution shall provide a compact update to the Council no later than August 1 of each year. At a minimum, the update shall contain: Outcomes associated with each goal, objective or priority; A summary of strategies undertaken during the previous academic year to achieve each goal, objective or priority, as well as an assessment of the effectiveness of each strategy; A summary of strategies to be implemented during the upcoming academic year to achieve compact goals, objectives and priorities; Recommendations concerning any modification of institution compact goals, objectives or priorities, approved by the institution's board of governors.
5.3.3. The Chancellor shall develop system strategies to assist institutions in accomplishing the goals, objectives and priorities set forth in their respective institution compacts.
5.4. Review and Evaluation.
5.4.1. The Council shall analyze institutional performance indicator data and review each contact progress report no later than December 31 annually to determine whether each institution is: Making sufficient progress in achieving identified goals, objectives and priorities; and Proposing to implement strategies that will produce continued progress in achieving identified goals, objectives and priorities.
5.4.2. If an institution's board of governors requests to modify its institution contact's goals, objectives or priorities, the Council shall approve or disapprove its request.
5.4.3. If the Council determines that an institution is not making sufficient progress overall or in a particular area, the Council may: Direct the institution to modify its compact implementation strategies; Direct the institution to develop an overall remediation plan or a remediation plan in a particular focus area; Direct the Chancellor to work with the institution's board of governors and or president to remedy the deficiencies or to develop a remediation plan; Withhold approval of a salary increase for the institution's president; and/or Take whatever other action the Coimcil deems necessary or appropriate to ensure that adequate progress is made in the future.


W. Va. Code R. § 135-49-5

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