W. Va. Code R. § 3-4-4 - Classrooms and Equipment Standards for Schools of Barbering

Current through Register Vol. XXXIX, No. 11, March 18, 2022

4.1. Classrooms, Equipment - Each school of barbering shall have a minimum of two (2) clinic rooms in use at all times, one (1) to be known as the junior department and the other as the senior department. All beginners will receive instruction in the junior department and will advance to the senior department when they have completed the minimum number of hours specified by the Board. Both rooms shall be fully equipped and arranged in a manner to comply with the rules promulgated by the Board. There shall be a third room in every school of barbering where class study, examinations and lectures are held. A school shall have the following minimum equipment before being permitted to operate:
4.1.a.One (1) complete chair unit consisting of one (1) chair, lavatory, and complete back stand and providing aproper cabinet for immediate linen supply and individualwet and dry disinfectant for each student enrolled during practical instruction.
4.1.b.One (1) recognized textbook on barbering for eachstudent, approved by the Board.
4.1.c. Sufficient clean linen cabinet space.
4.1.d. One (1) blackboard or whiteboard, not less than 5' x 8' in size.
4.1.e. One (1) large bulletin board, conspicuously located, for the posting of rules and regulations, notices, etc.
4.1.f. One (1) file for duplicate copies of reports sent to the office of the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.
4.1.g. One (1) set of books used solely for the records required by Section 7 of this rule.
4.2. The school shall equip the theory room witha blackboard and charts showing illustrations of the skin, circulation of the blood, muscles and bones of the face, scalp, neck, arms and hands.The school shall use this room for the sole purpose of giving theory instruction to students.
4.3. Each school of barbering shall maintain a library of suitable reference books, including those books as may be approved and published in a list by the Board.
4.4. Each school of barbering shall hold regular classes for the teaching of both the theory and practice of all phases of barbering as referenced in section 3.2(d) of this rule.
4.5. No one in any way connected with any school of barbering shall guarantee positions to students nor guarantee financial aid to help a student in equipping a barber shop.
4.6. Schools are urged not to advocate the use of any particular equipment. Students should be familiar with the different supplies and equipment used in barber shops.
4.7. Each school shall advertise only under the designation of a barber school, and shall display conspicuously at the entrance to the school a sign in plain, block, display lettering at least one (1) inch in height, as follows: "All Work In This School Done By Students Only."
4.8. When service prices are displayed, or in any manner advertised by a school of barbering, they must be followed by the words "STUDENT WORK" in lettering at least one half (1/2) the size of the lettering used to display the price.
4.9. During school hours, Instructors, as well as students, shall wear washable uniforms which must be kept clean and neat at all times.Instructors shall wear different uniforms from those worn by the students so they may be easily recognized.
4.10. All bottles and containers in use must be distinctly and correctly labeled, showing the intended use of the contents.
4.11. A school shall not permit a student enrolled in a school of barbering to work on a patron who is paying for the service or materials, until such student has attended the school for a period of two hundred fifty (250) hours.
4.12. Each student in his senior year, before graduation, must act in the capacity of manager of the school for at least one (1) week; two (2) weeks, if possible. He or she shall be in full charge of the clinical division of the school, under the supervision of the manager of the school.
4.13. Each school of barbering shall furnish the Board with a copy of the class schedule being used in the school, and copies of all advertising material and student contracts. At any time, if any changes are made in class schedules, advertising material or student contracts, the school shall furnish the Board with such revised materials.


W. Va. Code R. § 3-4-4

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