W. Va. Code R. § 64-59-14 - Outdoor Exercise and Other Recreational Programming

14.1. Outdoor Exercise. Every patient in an inpatient or residential facility has the right to the opportunity for a minimum of one hour of outdoor access and exercise on a daily basis seven days per week except as otherwise clinically contraindicated. This shall be scheduled and afforded at the time during the day when the weather and temperature are most appropriate, depending on the season.
14.2. Outdoor activity and exercise shall be a part of every m patient's treatment plan.
14.3. Activity and Recreational Programs
14.3.1. Individual programs shall provide a balance of active and passive activities, as well as opportunities for daily exercise and outdoor activities to the extent that the patient is clinically and medically able to participate.
14.3.2. While individual activities are scheduled to meet specific therapeutic goals, each patient should have an opportunity to participate in social recreation programs of choice.
14.3.3. Social activities should be planned at several levels:
(1) small, unit group activities such as games, music and exercises;
(2) individual activities such as magazines, puzzles, books and drawing materials;
(3) larger off-unit programs such as dances, walks and sports; and
(4) community-based activities utilizing existing community resources such as movies, sightseeing, entertainment, sports, bowling, camping, hiking, picnics, etc.
14.4. Community Integration. Unless specifically contraindicated by a patient's interdisciplinary program plan or physician, each patient, other than acute psychiatric and out-of-contact geriatric patients, shall be provided the opportunity to engage in the following activities as determined by the patient's treatment team in its clinical discretion and in the patient's best interests:
14.4.1. Shop in the community;
14.4.2. Eat in a public place in the community;
14.4.3. Participate in a major recreational activity in the community;
14.4.4. Attend a public event in the community;
14.4.5. Worship in the community on a regular basis; and
14.4.6. Visit the local public library on a regular basis.
14.5. Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan.
14.5.1. Activity staff shall serve as members of each patient's interdisciplinary team when appropriate. Activity staff are responsible for a recreational and activity assessment for each patient. The recreational and activity assessment shall indicate the level of appropriate recreational and social activities for the patient, the patient's areas of strengths, and the limitations of the patient. Based on the assessment, the activity staff shall work with the patient and other members of the interdisciplinary team to develop a recreational and activity program that meets the identified needs of each patient. Activity staff shall provide ongoing documentation of the patient's response to the implementation of the program.
14.5.2. Implementation of community integration as described in subdivision 14.3.3 of this rule and participation in recreational activities as described in subdivision 14.3.2 of this rule shall be documented in each patient's record.


W. Va. Code R. § 64-59-14

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