W. Va. Code R. § 64-63-5 - Clearance Air Monitor Duties

5.1. Prior to clearing the contained area of an asbestos abatement project for reoccupancy, a clearance air monitor shall:
5.1.a. Conduct a visual inspection of the contained work area to confirm removal of asbestos-containing materials and for cleanliness prior to taking samples;
5.1.b. Ensure that all sampling equipment is functional and calibrated in accordance with manufacturers specifications, and that a written record of the calibration is maintained;
5.1.c. Ensure that air monitoring incorporates aggressive sampling condition activity to dislodge any remaining dust by sweeping all floors, walls, and ceilings with a leaf blower with a minimum of one (1) horsepower prior to sampling; and by operating one (1) operating stationary twenty inch (20") fan directed at the ceiling for every ten thousand (10,000) cubic feet or fraction thereof in the contained area during sampling;
5.1.d. Ensure that the recommended air volume is drawn on each sampling cassette as prescribed by the analytical method;
5.1.e. Ensure that asbestos abatement projects which take place in schools are completed in compliance with 40 CFR Part 763, Subpart E, Asbestos-Containing Material in Schools;
5.1.f. Ensure that the minimum number of air samples set forth in Table 64-63B found at the end of this rule are collected in non-school asbestos abatement projects; and
5.1.g. Generate a written report to confirm or deny clearance of the contained work areas of an asbestos abatement project at the conclusion of the project.
5.2. The report required by Section 5.1.g of this rule shall include at a minimum the following:
5.2.a. The name and signature of any individual who collected any air sample required by this rule;
5.2.b. The locations indicated by drawings and a sample log where samples were collected;
5.2.c. The date of collection;
5.2.d. The name and address of the laboratory which analyzed the samples;
5.2.e. The date of the analysis;
5.2.f. The results of the analysis;
5.2.g. The method of analysis;
5.2.h. The name and signature of the individual performing the analysis;
5.2.i. Proof that the laboratory meets the applicable requirements of this rule; and
5.2.j. Either a statement clearing the contained work areas for reoccupancy, or a statement denying clearance of the contained work areas, which shall contain an explanation for denying clearance.


W. Va. Code R. § 64-63-5

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