W. Va. Code R. § 64-85-7 - Behavior Management

7.1. The alzheimer's/dementia special care unit or program shall conduct and document an ongoing evaluation of any resident with behaviors, which are persistent and constitute sources of distress or dysfunction to the resident, or present a danger to the resident or other individuals. The evaluation shall determine the following:
7.1.a. A baseline of the intensity, duration, and frequency of the behavior;
7.1.b. Antecedent behaviors and activities;
7.1.c. Recent changes or risk factors in the resident's life;
7.1.d. Environment factors such as time of day, staff involved, noise, levels etc.;
7.1.e. The resident's medical status;
7.1.f. Staffing patterns at times of inappropriate behavior;
7.1.g. Alternative, structured activities or behaviors that have been successful or unsuccessful in the past; and
7.1.h. The effectiveness of behavioral management approaches.
7.2. The facility shall implement a less restrictive, systematic, non-medication behavioral management approach to assist a resident prior to obtaining orders for psychotropic or behavioral modifying medications.
7.3. The facility shall ensure that any resident receiving a psychotropic or behavioral modifying medication shall:
7.3.a. Have that medication administered in a dose based on the age recommendations of the individual;
7.3.b. Have a diagnosed and documented condition justifying the use of the medication;
7.3.c. Receive daily monitoring for any side effects or adverse reaction to the medication;
7.3.d. Have adverse findings reported to the resident's physician immediately; and
7.3.e. Have periodic dose reductions in the medication in an attempt to discontinue the medication unless the physician has determined that a dose reduction is contraindicated, based on the resident's condition.
7.4. A registered professional nurse or other appropriate licensed health care professional shall evaluate all residents receiving psychotropic or behavioral modifying medications monthly to assess the resident's functional level, identify potential adverse effects of the medication and consult with the resident's physician to determine if the medication should be continued.
7.5. The resident's physician shall document in the resident's medical record every six (6) months a reassessment and determination for the continued use of the medications and reasons a dose reduction would be contraindicated.


W. Va. Code R. § 64-85-7

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