W. Va. Code R. § 64-22-4 - General Requirements

Current through Register Vol. XXXVIII, No. 51, December 23, 2021

4.1. No person shall erect, construct, maintain, or operate any establishment except in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.
4.2. No establishment shall be operated or maintained in any basement, cellar, or other space below the ground level, or in any story above the first story in any building unless approved by agencies concerned with proper safeguards to public health and safety.
4.3. No building containing an establishment shall be used for any other purpose than commercial operation. It shall not be used for occupancy as an apartment or other dwelling unless approved by agencies concerned with proper safeguards to public health and safety.
4.4. Enclosures for a steam boiler, furnace, steam generator, or open flame burner shall not be interconnected with dry cleaning machine enclosures and must obtain air for combustion from the outside atmosphere or other areas, but not from the dry cleaning machine enclosure.
4.5. Only the solvent for which the equipment was designed shall be used. Each solvent container shall bear a label specifying the contents. A trade name alone is not considered in compliance with this requirement.
4.6. The dry cleaning units shall be so designed that they are inoperable when their front or loading doors are open. Furthermore, such dry cleaning devices shall be so designed that the loading doors cannot be opened during the normal operating cycle, nor during an abnormal interruption thereof due to electrical, mechanical, or power failure. Each dry cleaning unit shall have a drying cycle of sufficient duration to prevent the opening of the loading doors until after all cleaning solvent has been removed from the cleaned items within the unit.
4.7. No solvent shall be settled or stored in any open or unprotected vessels or tanks.
4.8. All transfers of solvents shall be effected through continuous piping and all pipe connections or threaded joints shall be made with a suitable sealing compound and all outlets or drain lines shall be drained to settling or storage tanks. Daily make-up solvent may be transferred from storage to machine using flexible solvent resistant tubing or a covered container rather than through continuous piping if maintenance area ventilation described in Section 5.5 is in effect during the transfer.
4.9. The discharge of lint to the outside atmosphere shall be prohibited.
4.10. Filter residue and other residues containing solvent shall be stored in suitable covered containers and disposed of in accordance with existing disposal regulations. Containers shall be locked if stored outside of building.
4.11. Properly fitted respiratory protective equipment of adequate capacity approved by the U. S. Bureau of Mines for protection against organic vapors shall be provided for maintenance personnel and must be kept in good repair and available for immediate use. Maintenance personnel shall be instructed in the proper use and limitations of such protective equipment.


W. Va. Code R. § 64-22-4

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