W. Va. Code R. § 64-7-6 - Other Reportable Events: Administration of Immunizations

Current through Register Vol. XXXVIII, No. 51, December 23, 2021

6.1. The Commissioner shall establish and maintain a centralized registry- West Virginia Statewide Immunization Information System - WVSIIS - for tracking compliance with nationally recommended immunization schedules, school entry requirements and for monitoring vaccine use.
6.2. WVSIIS is an electronic reporting system. The following persons shall report immunizations administered to WVSIIS,as required by this rule;
6.2.a. Health care providers;
6.2.b. Health care facilities;
6.2.c. Local Health Officers;
6.2.d. Pharmacists;
6.2.e. Any other providers or facilities administering immunizations; and
6.2.f. School officials, if newly enrolled students present vaccination records for school entry as required by W. Va. Code § 16-3-4 and 64CSR95 and those vaccination records are not already recorded in WVSIIS.
6.3. Administration of immunizations against the following diseases are reportable: diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitisB, hepatitis A, Haemophilus influenzae type b disease, chickenpox, pneumococcal diseases, meningococcal diseases, rotavirus, influenza, human papilloma virus (HPV) and any additional immunizations required by the Commissioner for public health purposes as published by an order filed with the secretary of state.
6.4. All immunizations administered to persons eighteen years of age and under shall be reported to the immunization registry within two weeks of the administration of the immunization. The entities listed in subsection 6.2. of this section are strongly encouraged to report all immunizations for persons of all ages to maintain an accurate and useful database of all immunization information.
6.5. The Commissioner shall publish detailed instructions for WVSIIS for entities required to report as set forth in subsection 6.2. of this section. The instructions will be available on immunization.wv.gov The instruction shall contain:
6.5.a. A full description of required data elements;
6.5.b. Electronic transmission standards.
6.6. Immunization data that must be reported to the department is confidential, except it may be shared with other health care providers, or other entities with a legally defined access to the data, who are enrolled in the system, without the specific consent of the parent or patient. The data shall only be used for the ongoing care of the patient to assess immunization status, to determine immunization coverage rates, to assist in outbreak investigations or for other purposes determined by the Commissioner.
6.7. Local health officers and other health care providers identified by the state health officer as smallpox vaccination clinics and charged with the responsibility of providing and administering smallpox vaccinations shall report smallpox vaccine administration information to the state health officer through the first responder immunization tracking system within 24 hours.
6.8. In the event of an influenza or other pandemic or a bioterrorist event or intentional exposure to an infectious agent, local health departments or other health care providers charged with administering prophylactic medication or vaccinations shall report administration to the Commissioner via an electronic database within 24 hours of the administration of the prophylactic medication or vaccination.
6.9. All of the data in WVSIIS is confidential and exempt from disclosure. In certain circumstances WVSIIS may release immunization information to the following:
6.9.a. A licensed physician, a licensed health care facility or other licensed healthcare provider in the state of West Virginia for the purpose of delivering medical or immunization services or for the purpose of identifying under-vaccinated persons;
6.9.b. A local health department for the purposes of delivering medical or immunization services or investigating or managing an outbreak or other reportable disease;
6.9.c. A school official for the purpose of determining if enrolled children have all of the immunizations required by W. Va. Code §§ 16-3-4 and the Bureau's rule, Immunization Requirements and Recommendations for New School Enterers, 64CSR95, or for the prevention or control of vaccine-preventable disease within the school; and
6.9.d. Other appropriate persons for public health purposes and to prevent or control the spread of communicable disease.


W. Va. Code R. § 64-7-6

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