Sec. 126-67-4 - County Board Responsibilities

§ 126-67-4. County Board Responsibilities

4.1. Each county board of education shall ensure that the CSCP:

4.1.a. is proactive and preventive, comprehensive in scope, and developmental in nature, andenhances opportunities for every student to achieve school success through academic, career, and personal and social development experiences, preparing all students to become globally responsible citizens;

4.1.b. provides all Pre-K-12 students opportunities to achieve the foundational standardsestablished in the WVSSS;

4.1.c. provides an organized, integrated, and planned approach that is sequential, needs-based, and integral to the educational process;

4.1.d. utilizes student, school,and community data to identify student needs and implement evidence-based practices to address identified needs;

4.1.e. is aligned with the West Virginia School Counseling Model, a three-tiered system of student support that provides universal prevention, targetedinterventions, and intensive interventions;

4.1.f. is aligned with applicable WVBE policies [W. Va. 126CSR114, WVBE Policy 5100, Approval of Educator Preparation Programs(hereinafter Policy 5100); W. Va. 126CSR142, WVBE Policy 5310, Performance Evaluation of School Personnel (hereinafter Policy 5310); W. Va. 126CSR99, Policy 4373, Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools (hereinafter Policy 4373); W. Va. 126CSR0444, Policy 2520.19, West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Dispositions and Standards for Student Success for Grades K-12 (hereinafter Policy 2520.19), and W. Va. 126CSR42, Policy 2510, Assuring the Quality of Education: Regulations for Education Programs (hereinafter Policy 2510)];

4.1.g. is coordinated by a certified school counselor as defined in W. Va. 126CSR136, WVBE Policy 5202, Minimum Requirements for the Licensure of Professional/Paraprofessional Personnel and Advanced Salary Classifications (hereinafter Policy 5202) and delivered collaboratively with school and community professionals;

4.1.h. includes the four program delivery components identified in Section 5 of this policy;

4.1.i. adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act(20 U.S.C. § 1232g, 34 CFR Part 99) (hereinafterFERPA), guidelines, the American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards, confidentiality laws/guidelines, and informed consent as defined in Section 10: Glossary; and

4.1.j. is supported and monitored by the principal who ensuresthat the school counselor and leadership team develop an Annual CSCP Plan that is aligned with requirements set forth in this policy.

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