Sec. 58-25-5 - Restricted Areas

§ 58-25-5. Restricted Areas

5.1. No person may anchor a vessel in a position that obstructs a passageway ordinarily used by other vessels.

5.2. No person may anchor or tie a vessel to any type of navigation aid or buoy.

5.3. No person may operate a vessel within 20 feet of a person engaged in fishing without first obtaining permission from that fisherman.

5.4. No person may operate a vessel within 20 feet of the exterior boundary of a water area which is clearly marked by buoys as a swimming area or other restricted area approved by the Director.

5.4.1. Swimming areas shall be marked with buoys pursuant to U.S.C. Aids to Navigation, 33 C.F.R Subchapter C Part 62 et seq. as authorized by 46 U.S.C. § 4302.

5.5. No person may operate a motorboat at a speed greater than idling speed on established and marked no-wake zones on a government-owned reservoir.

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