Sec. A-E 9.03 - Experience as a landscape architect

ยง A-E 9.03. Experience as a landscape architect


(a) To qualify as satisfactory experience in landscape architecture for the purposes of s. 443.035, Stats., an applicant's experience shall include the application of accepted principles in the practice of landscape architecture and shall demonstrate an applicant's progressive development of competence to practice landscape architecture. The experience shall be acquired in the areas of the practice of landscape architecture listed in sub. (2) (a) to (g), or in other areas of the practice of landscape architecture which in the opinion of the landscape architect section provide the applicant with a knowledge of principles and data related to the practice of landscape architecture at least equivalent to that which would be acquired by experience in the areas of practice listed. Experience in every listed area is not required.

(b) To qualify as satisfactory experience in landscape architecture for the purposes of s. 443.035(1) (a), Stats., an applicant's experience shall be obtained subsequent to completion of the education requirements.

(2) Areas of experience in the practice of landscape architecture include:

(a) Project development, management and training, including developing project goals, determining political and legal restraints, scheduling, budgeting and contract compliance.

(b) Professional practice, including preparing contracts, fulfilling insurance requirements, determining appropriate scope of practice, and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

(c) Site analysis, including gathering and reviewing site analysis data; studying and documenting environmental factors and impacts; producing site analyses of existing physical, psycho-social, human factor, economic and regulatory conditions; analyzing results of site data to determine project feasibility; and making recommendations based on site analyses.

(d) Preliminary design, including developing and reviewing potential programs to ensure optimum results; developing design programs to best ensure a client's goals and objectives; developing spatial study plans showing design components; developing potential design alternatives; presenting draft designs and preliminary plans to clients; coordinating with allied professionals; developing preliminary cost estimates; determining regulatory approval requirements; and rendering detailed exhibits of preliminary plans for client approval.

(e) Design development, including establishing planting lists, establishing irrigation requirements, establishing construction elements, establishing grading plans, establishing lighting plans, refining cost estimates, and reviewing for compliance with federal, state and local codes, with the requirements of the Americans with disabilities act of 1990 (42 USC 12131) and with required public approvals.

(f) Preparation of construction documents, including inventorying required construction documents; preparing demolition plans; preparing tree removal and preservation plans; preparing grading and drainage plans; preparing detailed layout staking or construction plans; performing calculations required by local regulatory bodies; obtaining soil tests; preparing planting plans; preparing lighting plans; preparing construction details for all site elements for construction implementation; and coordinating each of these elements with other project design professionals.

(g) Construction administration, including preparing cost estimates for all elements of a project; obtaining client and regulatory approvals; compiling bid documents; assisting clients in contractor selection; ensuring quality control as projects progress; conducting and documenting regular site meetings; responding to field questions and issues; verifying contractor billings; issuing necessary change orders; creating punch lists for review of design implementation; conducting final walk-throughs to verify design compliance; and conducting post-construction evaluation visits.

(3) Not more than one year of satisfactory experience credit may be granted for any calendar year.

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