Wis. Admin. Code Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System § UWS 18.07 - Use of campus facilities

Current through March 28, 2022

(1) ACCESS TO ROOFS, SERVICE TUNNELS, AND MAINTENANCE FACILITIES PROHIBITED. No person may climb into, out of, or onto any university building, service tunnels or maintenance facilities, or walk or climb upon any university building or roof, except when emergency access to a fire escape is necessary, for required maintenance, or when authorized by the chief administrative officer.
(a) Except as specifically provided in this code, the chief administrative officer may establish closing hours and closed periods for university lands, buildings, or portions thereof. These closing hours and closed periods shall be posted in at least one conspicuous place adjacent to or at the periphery of the area to be closed or, in the case of buildings, on the building.
(b) No person, unless authorized to be present during closed periods, may enter or remain within the designated university lands, buildings, or portions thereof during a closed period established under this section.
(c) For the purpose of par. (b), "person authorized to be present" means a person authorized to be present by an order issued pursuant to par. (a) or s. 36.35(2), Stats.
(d) No person, except those authorized to be present after the posted closing hour, may enter or remain in any university arboretum or picnic area unless traversing those areas or on park roads at the times the roads are open to the public.
(3) LIMITED ENTRANCE. The chief administrative officer may, by posting appropriate signs, limit or prohibit entrance to university lands, or portions thereof, in order to maintain or preserve an instruction or research area.
(4) PICNICKING AND CAMPING. No person may picnic or camp on university lands, except in those areas specifically designated as picnic or camping grounds, or as authorized by the chief administrative officer. No person may violate any rules and regulations for picnicking or camping established and posted by the chief administrative officer. For purposes of this subsection, camping shall include the pitching of tents or the overnight use of sleeping bags, blankets, makeshift shelters, motor homes, campers or camp trailers.
(5) PROHIBITIONS ON BLOCKING ENTRANCES. No person may intentionally physically block or restrict entrance to or exit from any university building or portion thereof with intent to deny to others their right of ingress to, egress from, or use of the building.
(6) RESTRICTED USE OF STUDENT CENTERS OR UNIONS. No person, except members of the student center or union, university faculty and staff, invited guests, and university-sponsored conference groups, may use student center or union buildings and grounds except on occasions when, and in those areas where, the buildings or grounds are open to the general public.
(7) STRUCTURES. No person may place or erect any facility or structure upon university lands unless authorized by the chief administrative officer.


Wis. Admin. Code Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System § UWS 18.07
CR 08-099: (1) to (7) renum. from UWS 18.06(9), (7), (6), (14), (24), (20), (15) and am. (1), (2), (3), (6), cr. (title) Register August 2009 No. 644, eff. 9-1-09; correction to (title) made under s. 13.92(4) (b) 2, Stats., Register August 2009 No. 644.

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