Sec. DCF 153.02 - Definitions

ยง DCF 153.02. Definitions

In this chapter:

(1) "IV-D" means part D of title IV of the social security act of 1975, the federal law on the child support and establishment of paternity program (42 USC 651 to 669 b).

(2) "IV-D case" means a parent or alleged father who is now or eventually may be obligated under law for the support of a child or children receiving services under the title IV-D program. A parent or alleged father is a separate IV-D case for each family with a dependent child or children that the parent or alleged father may be obligated to support. If both parents are absent and liable or potentially liable for support of a child or children receiving services under the IV-D program, each parent is considered a separate IV-D case.

(3) "Agency combined earnings" means each agency's total earned amounts.

(4) "Agency share of total available incentive funding" means the percentage of actual total funding available for distribution under s. 49.24, Stats., that an agency receives.

(5) "Allocation" means the estimated minimum incentive payment amount that the agency is expected to receive if the total available incentive funding is equal to or exceeds the projected incentive funding and the agency's earned level is 100%.

(6) "Child support agency" or "agency" means the county child support agency under s. 59.53(5), Stats.

(7) "County contract committee" means a subcommittee of the members of the child support policy advisory committee, as appointed by local child support agency representatives on the policy advisory committee, that serves to advise the department on matters relating to child support incentive payments.

(8) "Department" means the Wisconsin department of children and families.

(9) "Earned amount" means an agency's allocation multiplied by the agency's weighted earned level for an individual performance measure.

(10) "Earned level" means the number that is determined based on an agency's performance level on an individual performance measure and that is used in calculating an agency's earned amount for that performance measure.

(11) "Federal fiscal year" means October 1 of one year through September 30 of the following year.

(12) "Incentive payment amount" means the dollar amount the agency receives pursuant to s. 49.24, Stats.

(13) "Office of child support enforcement" means the office that administers the IV-D program within the federal department of health and human services, administration for children and families.

(14) "Performance level" means an agency's score on a performance measure.

(15) "Performance measure" or "measure of performance" means a standard used to evaluate agency performance for purposes of determining incentive payment amounts under s. 49.24, Stats.

(16) "Performance scale" means a table of agency performance levels and corresponding earned levels used in calculating an agency's incentive payment amount.

(17) "Projected incentive funding" means the estimated total funding that will be available for distribution to counties under s. 49.24, Stats.

(18) "Statewide combined earnings" means the total of agency combined earnings for all agencies.

(19) "Total available incentive funding" means the actual total funding available for distribution to counties under s. 49.24, Stats., as determined by the department, for a particular contract year.

(CR 01-138: cr. Register May 2002 No. 557, eff. 6-1-02; correction in (8) made under s. 13.92(4) (b) 6, Stats., Register November 2008 No. 635.)

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