Sec. DHS 5.07 - Equal employment opportunity and appeals

ยง DHS 5.07. Equal employment opportunity and appeals

Fair treatment of applicants and employees in all aspects of personnel administration shall be assured.

(1) EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY. Fair treatment and freedom from unlawful discrimination in personnel administration, as provided in subch. II of ch. 111, Stats., and relevant federal statutes including, but not limited to, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 (42 USC 2000e-2000e-17), the Rehabilitation Act (29 USC 701- 709), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (29 USC 621- 634) and the Equal Pay Act (29 USC 206), shall be assured to all persons.

(2) AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. An affirmative action plan shall be developed and implemented to increase the utilization of women, minorities and handicapped persons previously underutilized and underrepresented by the identification of goals and establishment of timetables formulated to correct substantial disparities. The plan shall include:

(a) Provision for the collection and maintenance of data on applicants and employees by race, sex, ethnic group and handicapped status to determine the impact of the selection process on the composition of the work force;

(b) Periodic evaluation of results to assess the effectiveness of the plan in achieving both long term and interim goals on a timely basis; and,

(c) Prohibitions against unlawful discrimination.

(3) APPEALS. In the event of demotion or separation, permanent employees shall be provided with the right to appeal through an impartial process that may be recommendatory or enforceable on the employer. Appeals of alleged discrimination of an applicant or employee shall also be provided through an impartial process that shall result in timely, enforceable decisions.

(Cr. Register, July, 1981, No. 307, eff. 8-1-81.)

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