Sec. DWD 131.001 - Definitions

ยง DWD 131.001. Definitions

(1) Except as provided in sub. (2), the definitions in ch. DWD 100 apply to this chapter.

(2) In this chapter:

(a) "Controlled substances" has the meaning given under s. 108.133(1) (ar), Stats.

Note: Section 108.133(1) (ar), Stats., states "Notwithstanding s. 108.02(9), "controlled substances" has the meaning given in 21 USC 802."

(b) "Positive test results" means a test outcome that confirms the unlawful use of one or more controlled substances and which is conducted or confirmed by a laboratory certified by the substance abuse and mental health services administration of the United States department of health and human services.

(d) "Substance abuse treatment program" means the services offered by a substance abuse treatment provider, beginning with an assessment.

(e) "Substance abuse treatment provider" means an individual or organization that is licensed by a government unit to administer substance abuse treatment services to individuals that use controlled substances.

(Adopted by, EmR1617: emerg. cr., eff. 5-1-16; EmR1702: emerg. cr., eff. 1-30-17; CR 16-036: cr. Register April 2017 No. 736, eff. 5/1/2017 Amended by, CR 18-033: am. (2) (intro.), (b) Register May 2019 No. 761, eff. 6-1-19; correction in (2) made under s. 13.92(4) (b) 1., Stats., Register May 2019 No. 761, eff. 6/1/2019 Amended by, correction in (2) (a) and (Note) made under s. 13.92(4) (b) 6., Stats., Register March 2020 No. 771, eff. 4/1/2020)

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