Wis. Admin. Code Department of Administration-Division of Hearings and Appeals § HA 3.09 - Hearing decision

Current through March 28, 2022

(1) The tape recording of the hearing, the exhibits, papers and requests filed in the proceeding and matters of which the administrative law judge has taken official notice shall constitute the exclusive record for decision.
(2) The decision shall be in writing in the name of the department by the department secretary or a designee such as an administrative law judge in the division.
(3) The decision shall set forth the names and addresses of all persons who appeared before the division in the proceeding who are considered parties for purposes of judicial review, the issue or issues, the principal relevant facts elicited at the hearing, the reasoning that led to the decision, citation of legal authority, the action taken and the parties' appeal rights. These elements shall be grouped under appropriate headings such as preliminary recitals, findings of fact, discussion, conclusions of law and the order.
(4) Unless a different standard is provided by law, the standard for decision shall be by a preponderance of the credible evidence.
(5) Where necessary and appropriate, an interim decision may be issued, where a final decision dispositive of the merits of the case is not possible.
(6) A copy of the decision shall be mailed to the petitioner, the petitioner's representative, if any, and the agency or the department organizational unit charged with the administration of the assistance or services involved. The petitioner's mailing address shall be the address given for the petitioner on the hearing request, unless the petitioner has notified the division of another address in writing or placed it on the hearing record.
(7) The decision shall include the names and addresses of the petitioner and the department or agency. The division shall serve a copy of the decision on each party. The decision is served on a party as of the date it is mailed by the division.
(8) The petitioner may request a copy of the audio cassette tape recording of the hearing. The division shall furnish the requested recording upon receipt of payment for the cost of duplication and mailing. A written transcript of the hearing shall be prepared only if an appeal is filed with a circuit court pursuant to s. 227.53, Stats. If the petitioner requests a written copy of that transcript following the filing of that appeal, the division may impose a reasonable charge per transcript page.
(a) Except for a proposed decision under par. (b), or by order in a specific case, the decision of the administrative law judge shall be the final decision of the department in proceedings under this chapter.
(b) The administrative law judge shall submit a proposed decision to the secretary or designee for decision in any of the following circumstances:
1. The decision holds that a manual or handbook provision, contract provision, state plan provision, numbered memo administrative directive or other official document is invalid or limited under a statute, administrative rule or federal regulation.
2. The department has not delegated final decision making authority to the division.
(10) When a proposed decision rather than a final decision is issued, the petitioner and the agency or department may file written comments with the division within 15 days from the date of service of the decision. This period may be extended for 10 days upon request of either party. At the close of the comment period, the proposed decision and comments shall be forwarded by the division to the secretary for issuance of a final decision.
(11) The division shall ensure that decisions for medicaid are issued in a timely manner so that final administrative action may be taken within 90 days from the date of filing of the hearing request, and that decisions for food stamps are issued within 60 days from the date of filing of the hearing request.
(12) When a petition for review is dismissed in its entirety, final administrative action is taken on the date the division mails the decision to the petitioner.
(13) A final decision is binding upon the department and agency involved and may be enforced by appropriate legal and fiscal sanctions. The agency involved shall implement any food stamp decision within 10 days after the date of the decision.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Administration-Division of Hearings and Appeals § HA 3.09
Cr. Register, November, 1999, No. 527, eff. 12-1-99.

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