Wis. Admin. Code Department of Administration [Gaming] § Game 7.06 - Entries

(a) All entries shall be made to the racing secretary. Every entry in a race shall be in the name of the registered owner, lessee, or kennel name and shall be made in person or in writing.
(b) Joint subscriptions and entries may be made by any one or more of the owners. However, all owners shall be jointly and severally liable for all fees and forfeits.
(c) Entries which have closed shall be compiled without delay by the racing secretary and conspicuously posted.
(d) Entrance money shall not be refunded on the death of a greyhound or failure to start.
(e) Entry into a race shall be free, unless otherwise stipulated in the conditions of the race. If the conditions require an entrance fee, it shall accompany the entry.
(a) A greyhound shall not be qualified to be entered or to start in any race if owned in whole or in part or is under the control, directly or indirectly, of a person not eligible to hold a license. Any purse money won during the period the greyhound was owned or controlled by a person not eligible to hold a license shall be returned to the association and redistributed as purse money.
(b) No greyhound shall be permitted to enter or to start unless conditioned by a licensed trainer as registered with the division.
(c) No greyhound on the schooling list or the veterinarian's list shall be allowed to enter any official race without being properly removed from such lists.
(d) Female greyhounds coming in season during the race meet shall not be accepted for entry within 30 days following the date the greyhound came in season. Before being accepted for entry the greyhound shall be examined by the division's veterinarian and schooled to the satisfaction of the stewards.
(e) Lactating females shall not be eligible to enter, school or race.
(f) No greyhound under the age of 14 months may enter any official race.
(g) No greyhound shall be permitted to enter schooling or official races unless all persons holding any ownership interest in the greyhound are licensed by the division.
(h) In the event a greyhound starts a race from a post position other than the assigned post position identified in the daily race program, the stewards shall declare a "no race" and all monies wagered shall be refunded. In the event a greyhound starts a race from a post position other than the assigned post position identified in the daily race program, and the stewards fail to declare the race a "no race", then all winning tickets reflecting the posted official order of finish shall be honored as winning tickets and all remaining tickets shall be subject to refund.
(i) After the start of a race no refunds shall be provided in the event a greyhound's blanket comes loose or falls off, or if the greyhound's muzzle falls off, is hanging, or is in the mouth.
(a) Entries for stakes races, the conditions of which have previously been published, shall close at the time advertised in such publication and no entry shall be received after that time. If the race fails to fill, additional time may be granted. The time for closing is as follows:
1. When an hour for closing is designated entries and declarations for stakes shall not be received afterwards;
2. If an hour is not designated entries and declarations shall be mailed up to midnight of the day entries close, provided they are received in time for compliance with every other condition of the race.
(b) In the event the number of entries to any stake race is in excess of the number of greyhounds that may be permitted to start, the starters for the race shall be determined by the racing secretary according to the published conditions of the race.
(c) An entry in a stakes race shall not be withdrawn. However, in a multiple race series an entry may be scratched if the division veterinarian determines that it is unable to compete. A greyhound scratched from a stakes race shall not start officially before the stakes race is final.
(d) In the absence of notice to the contrary, entrance and declarations for stakes races which close during or on the eve of a race meet shall close at the office of the racing secretary. Closing at all other times for stakes races shall be at the office of the association.
(e) All stakes races shall be indicated by the letter "S" and the grade. The letter "S" shall appear at the top of each page of the daily race program for this type of race. After racing in a grade S race, the greyhound's grade shall include the S followed by the greyhound's current grade.
(f) A person entering a greyhound shall be liable for the entrance money or stake. Should the subscriber transfer the entry, the subscriber shall be liable.
(g) If a stakes race is not run all stakes or entrance money shall be refunded.
(h) If the racing secretary allows a greyhound to start in a race without its entrance money or stake having been paid, the racing secretary shall be liable for the money due.
(i) Subscription of entry or right of entry shall survive the death of nominator or subscriber of the greyhound.
(j) An error pertaining to any entry or declaration in a stakes race must be presented to the stewards prior to any qualifying races or the draw.
(a) The post positions of greyhounds starting shall be assigned by random lot or drawing, including computerized drawing.
(b) Entries shall not be drawn and assigned a post position unless a steward or designee representing the division and the racing secretary, assistant racing secretary or director of racing are present. The kennel owner, trainer or assistant trainer may be present, but their absence at the time of drawing shall constitute a waiver of their right to be present.
(c) The racing secretary shall post, in an area previously designated for this purpose, the date, time and place for the drawing of entries and assignment of post positions at least one day prior to the running of the race.
(d) The following provisions apply to the listing of greyhounds not drawn:
1. Immediately after the drawing of entries for a performance the racing secretary shall publish a list of greyhounds not drawn;
2. The list shall be posted in an area available for viewing by kennel owners and trainers;
3. In drawing the entries for the next performance the racing secretary shall give priority to the greyhounds on the list;
4. The racing secretary shall maintain on the list a balance of greyhounds in different grades and distances.
(e) In purse races, there shall be at least 6 greyhounds of completely different ownership. No trainer or greyhound owner shall have more than 2 greyhounds in any race except in stakes or sweepstakes. In all other purse races, the following conditions shall apply:
1. No double entries shall be allowed until all single interests are used and double entries shall be uncoupled for wagering purposes.
2. When no other single entry is available, the racing secretary may use a double entry without the permission of the trainer.
(f) Each greyhound shall have 4 past performance lines, except maidens shall have at least 3 past performance lines.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Administration [Gaming] § Game 7.06
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