Wis. Admin. Code Department of Administration [Gaming] § Game 7.08 - Weights and weighing

(a) Before any greyhound is allowed to school or race, the trainer shall establish its racing weight with the clerk of scales.
(b) The established racing weight may be changed on written request of the trainer and by written consent of the stewards. The new racing weight shall become effective at the next draw following submission and consent of the request.
(c) All greyhounds having an established weight change of more than one pound shall be schooled at least once at the discretion of the stewards at the new weight before being eligible to start.
(d) Greyhounds that have not raced or schooled officially for a period of 3 weeks shall be allowed to establish a new racing weight with the consent of the stewards and shall be schooled officially immediately upon receipt of consent.
(a) All greyhounds shall be weighed not less than one hour and not more than 3 hours before the time of the first race of the race performance in which they are to appear. In cases where the total number of greyhounds entered into a race performance are exceeded by the total number of crates in the lock out kennel, the association may designate two periods for weigh in and the corresponding entries to be weighed in at each period. In cases where more than one weigh in period is conducted, all greyhounds identified for the second weigh in period shall be weighed not less than one hour before the earliest scheduled post time for all greyhounds being weighed in during that period. Only one weigh-in per greyhound shall be permitted.
(b) As each greyhound is weighed in, there shall be an identification tag attached to its collar indicating the number of the race in which the greyhound is entered and its post position. This tag shall not be removed until the greyhound has been weighed out, blanketed and identified.
(c) All greyhounds must be weighed in and weighed out with the muzzle, collar and lead strap approved by the division's paddock judge.
(d) Upon weighing-in, should there be a variation of more than 11/2 pounds from the greyhounds established weight the stewards shall order that greyhound scratched.
(e) Immediately after being weighed in, the greyhounds shall be placed in lock-out kennels under the supervision of the association paddock judge or kennel master.
(f) If at weighing-in time there is more than 2 pounds variation between the present weight and the weight at weighing-in time of its last race, the stewards shall order the greyhound scratched.
(g) Upon placement of the greyhounds in the lock-out kennels after weighing-in, no person except racing officials, lead-outs in the presence of a racing official or designated representatives of the division shall be allowed in the lock out kennels.
(a) Each greyhound shall be weighed out immediately after being removed from the lock-out kennels. If a greyhound loses weight in excess of 1-1/2 pounds from its weigh-in weight while in the lock-out kennels, the stewards shall consult with the division veterinarian. If, in the opinion of the division's veterinarian, the loss of weight while in the lock-out kennels does not impair the racing condition of the greyhound, the stewards shall allow the greyhound to race. Otherwise, the greyhound shall be scratched.
(b) A record of all greyhounds losing in excess of one and one-half pounds while in the lock-out kennel shall be maintained by the division veterinarian. The division veterinarian shall identify a greyhound as a weight loser who loses weight in excess of one and one-half pounds on a minimum of three consecutive occasions while in the lock-out kennel. Each greyhound classified as a weight loser shall be identified with the initials "WL" following its name in the daily race program.
(a) The clerk of scales shall require a greyhound to remain on the scales until such time as no more than 1-quarter pound movement in scale action is caused by the greyhound moving while being weighed.
(b) The weight regulations provided in this section shall be printed in the daily race program.
(c) The stewards shall have the option of ordering the weighing of a greyhound entered in a race at any time from the time the greyhound is entered in a race until post time.
(d) Entered greyhounds not brought to weigh-in due to illness or injury shall be examined by the division's veterinarian and the results of the examination reported to the stewards.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Administration [Gaming] § Game 7.08
Cr. Register, March, 1990, No. 411, eff. 4-1-90; CR 03-070: am. (1) (b), (2) (a), (b), (g), (4) (b), renum. (3) to be (3) (a) and am., cr. (3) (b) Register November 2003 No. 575, eff. 12-1-03.

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