Wis. Admin. Code Department of Natural Resources § NR 204.10 - Storage facilities

Current through March 28, 2022

(a) No person may construct or use any sludge storage facility without obtaining department approval. All facilities shall be designed and operated in accordance with the appropriate requirements in ch. NR 110 and this chapter.
(b) All municipal mechanical treatment plants shall have the ability to store sludge for 180 days. Storage shall be available by October 1, 1998 for facilities with a design flow of 1 million gallons per day or greater and by October 1, 2000 for facilities with a design flow of less than 1 million gallons per day. This storage requirement only applies to facilities which recycle sludge through land application or site reclamation projects. Wastewater treatment lagoons are also exempt from this requirement. An agreement with an approved municipal solid waste landfill, an incinerator, another permittee or other approved facility during winter months may be construed as acceptable storage, although a minimum of 15 days storage capacity shall be provided for emergency situations. Written documentation of an agreement shall be submitted to the department as evidence of compliance with this requirement. If a permittee does not currently have adequate storage, the permittee shall develop with the department a compliance schedule to obtain adequate sludge storage.
(2) OTHER STORAGE FACILITIES. The department may determine leasing to be an acceptable alternative to construction if the lease is for a minimum of 5 years with an option for another 5 years when the WPDES permit is reissued. If leasing is a temporary solution while a permittee is constructing long-term storage or developing an alternative long-term solution, the contract may be for less than 5 years. Sludge may be stored individually or in combination with other waste at sites such as, but not limited to, manure storage facilities and septage storage lagoons following the review and approval of the design and acceptance by the department of an operations report that shall demonstrate compliance with this chapter. This report shall contain at the minimum:
(a) The location of the storage facility.
(b) The type and volume of the storage facility, including construction details to demonstrate the integrity of the system and compliance with ch. NR 110.
(c) Sufficient site characteristics information to evaluate the environmental impact and suitability of the sludge storage location.
(d) The name and address of the owners of the storage facility.
(e) Any contractual agreements the permittee enters into with another party.
(f) Sampling and analysis results of the combined wastes for nutrients and any other applicable parameters which demonstrate compliance with this chapter. Testing shall be conducted in accordance with requirements in the WPDES permit and this chapter.
(g) The methods to be used for land application of the sludge or sludge mixture.
(h) A list of the sites or fields where the stored sludge will be recycled, unless the sludge produced in the mixture meets the exceptional quality sludge criteria.
(3) EXTENDED STORAGE. If a person stores or treats a batch of sludge for longer than 2 years, the person shall retain the following information during the storage period:
(a) The name and address of all generators of the sludge.
(b) The name and address of the person who owns the storage or treatment facility.
(c) The location or address of the facility.
(d) A brief explanation of why the sludge needs to remain in storage or treatment for longer than 2 years before it is land applied or disposed of.
(e) The approximate time period when the sludge will be land applied or disposed of.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Natural Resources § NR 204.10
Cr. Register, December, 1995, No. 480, eff. 1-1-96.

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