Wis. Admin. Code Department of Public Instruction § PI 37.02 - Definitions

Current through November 29, 2021

In this chapter:

(1) "Department" means the Wisconsin department of public instruction.
(1g) "Educator effectiveness system" means the educator effectiveness evaluation system under s. 115.415, Stats.
(1r) "Educator practice outcome summary" means the evaluation score under s. 115.415(2) (b), Stats., or an equivalent score.
(2) "Employed as a teacher" means a person working as a teacher for a minimum of 40 percent full-time equivalency for at least 180 days in a school year.
(3) "National board certification" or "national board certificate" means a certificate issued by the national board for professional teaching standards.
(3m) "Rating of effective or highly effective" means a score of greater than or equal to 2.5 in both the educator practice outcome summary and the student outcomes summary or, if the person has not had an initial rating in the educator effectiveness system, the person is in the process of being evaluated for a rating in the educator effectiveness system.
(4) "School year" has the meaning given in s. 115.001(13), Stats.
(5) "State license" means a document issued under ch. PI 34 granting authority or permission to serve as a professional school employee in Wisconsin public schools.
(6) "State superintendent" means the state superintendent of public instruction for the state of Wisconsin.
(6m) "Student outcomes summary" means the evaluation score based on upon measures of student performance under s. 115.415(2) (a), Stats.
(7) "Teacher" means properly licensed persons delivering instruction to pupils; or school psychologists, school counselors, or school social workers. "Teacher" does not include a person working under a contract as an administrator.
(8) "Wisconsin master educator" means a teacher who has completed the Wisconsin master educator assessment process and is licensed under s. PI 34.042.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Public Instruction § PI 37.02
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