Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 102.03 - Photograph exemptions

Current through March 28, 2022

(1) Except as provided in this section, no license or identification card, including duplicates, shall be issued unless the person appears in person at a motor vehicle service center and is photographed.

Note: See s. 343.14(3), Stats.

(2) A license may be issued without a photograph or with a prior photograph on file with the department to any of the following:
(a) A Wisconsin resident who is out of state and is not able to return to Wisconsin for a renewal or duplicate license.

Note: See s. 343.14(3), Stats., and sub. (3).

(b) A Wisconsin resident who has seriously held religious convictions that do not allow the resident to be photographed. To qualify for this exemption, the person shall complete, sign and date a statement, on a form provided by the department, certifying that the person objects to being photographed due to a seriously held religious conviction.
(c) A Wisconsin resident who requests a photograph exemption on the grounds that a photograph would not accurately reflect the person's appearance because of the person's temporary disfigurement, and the department finds that an exemption should be granted. In cases where an exemption is granted, the person shall apply for a duplicate operator's license with photograph when the reason for the exemption no longer exists.

Note: The fee for a duplicate license may be found in s. 343.21(1) (L), Stats. Wisconsin law does not permit the department to issue an ID without a photograph.

(2m) The department may waive the requirement that a person appear at a motor vehicle service center if the department has entered into an agreement with the department of corrections under which that agency will accept application materials or take photographs for the department, the person is an inmate at a department of corrections facility, and the department receives all required photographs or application materials for the person from the department of corrections.
(3) A person who is issued a license without a photograph under sub. (2) (a) may be excused from the requirement of appearing in person at a motor vehicle service center at the time the duplicate or renewal license is issued. Within 30 days of return to Wisconsin, the person shall appear at a motor vehicle service center and obtain a license containing a photograph.

Note: See s. 343.21, Stats., for fees on duplicate licenses. Form MV3415 religious conviction exemption request is provided upon request at a department motor vehicle services center or from Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Driver Services, License Issuance Unit, P.O. Box 7918, Madison, Wisconsin 53707.

(4) No photograph shall be required for temporary licenses or driving receipts.

Note: Authority for this provision may be found at s. 343.14(3), Stats. See s. 343.07, Stats., regarding instruction permits, and ss. 343.17(5), 343.10, 343.11, 343.16(6) (b), 343.305, Stats., and s. Trans. 102.17 regarding temporary licenses or driving receipts.

(5) A photograph may be required for instruction permits.
(6) The department may issue a license to a person without requiring that person's appearance if the department is able to produce a photograph from its records.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 102.03
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