Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 131.05 - Waiver emission equipment inspection

(1) PURPOSE. When a vehicle owner or lessee requests a waiver of compliance from emission inspection standards, the emission equipment shall be inspected by the waiver investigator. This waiver emission equipment inspection is designed to detect either tampering or disrepair on the vehicle. The waiver emission equipment inspection does not include removal or disassembly of parts except for removal of the fuel cap. The waiver investigator shall determine both the presence and proper connection, if originally equipped, of the following:
(a) A properly sized fuel filler restrictor.
(b) A properly connected catalytic converter.
(c) A proper fuel cap.
(d) A proper evaporative emission control canister system.
(e) A properly connected positive crankcase ventilation system.
(f) A proper exhaust gas recirculation system.
(g) A proper air pump system.
(h) A properly installed thermostatic air cleaner system.
(i) A properly connected oxygen sensor.
(j) An operational and non-active MIL or other emission service indicator light, regardless of whether the MIL or emission service indicator light is illuminated.
(3) CONSEQUENCES. Vehicles failing the waiver emission equipment inspection shall not receive a waiver of compliance or acceptance for voluntary inspection under s. Trans 131.07 until the failing emission equipment items are either repaired or replaced.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 131.05
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