Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 4.07 - Application for state aids

(1) Applications shall be made in a form and manner prescribed by the department. If multiple local public bodies in a given urban area contribute assistance to a mass transit system, one eligible applicant shall submit a single application on behalf of all participating local governments. The applicant public body, as well as all other participating local governments, shall assure that the required local shares of eligible project costs will be available.
(1m) Each state aid application shall include a transit management plan which describes the mass transit system's operations for the coming year, including the amount of service to be provided, the fares to be charged, any steps to be taken to improve system effectiveness and efficiency, and the procedures to be used for counting revenue passenger trips.
(2) Applications for aids shall be submitted to the department no later than December 15 of the year immediately preceding the proposed project year. No application received after January 1 of the project year shall be funded unless the secretary of transportation determines that a later date is appropriate in order to properly respond to an emergency situation.
(3) Eligible applicants serving an urban area with a population exceeding 49,999 shall make available their application to the appropriate metropolitan planning organization.
(4) Mass transit services receiving financial assistance may be operated for less than a calendar year.
(5) Costs for services not included in the application for state aids will not be eligible for funding until the following project year unless the department so approves them in writing prior to the time at which costs start accruing.
(6) An eligible applicant intending to submit an application to support a new mass transit system shall notify the department of its intention no later than January 15 of the preceding year to be eligible for funding.


Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 4.07
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