Wis. Admin. Code Funeral Directors Examining Board § FD 4.03 - Continuing education

Current through November 29, 2021

(1) For the renewal of a license that expires on the first renewal date after the date on which the examining board initially granted the license, completion of 4 credit hours of continuing education subsequent to the date the applicant was granted the initial license is required. The required 4 credit hours of continuing education may include instruction in any of the following topics that the board has determined may prepare a new licensee for practice as a funeral director:
(a) Embalming.
(b) Life insurance.
(c) Hospitality.
(d) Celebrant training.
(e) Crematory operation.
(f) Public speaking.
(g) Small business management.
(h) Marketing, including the use of graphic design and social media.
(1m) Every funeral director, except as described in sub. (1) and s. FD 4.05, shall complete at least 15 hours of approved continuing education programs in each biennial registration period, as specified under s. 445.06, Stats.
(2) Approved continuing education credit hours may apply only to the biennial registration period in which the hours are acquired.
(3) To obtain credit for completion of the continuing education requirement, a funeral director shall submit certificates of attendance issued by the program provider or other evidence of attendance satisfactory to the board.
(4m) At least 3 credit hours of the 15-hour requirement shall be in each of the subject areas specified in s. FD 4.04(1) (a) 1. to 4.
(5) No more than 7 credit hours of all of the 15-hour requirement may be in approved programs in s. FD 4.04(7).
(6) Continuing education credit may be granted for teaching or presenting any continuing education programs or courses under s. FD 4.04(1) (a) 1. to 4. No credit will be granted for any subsequent presentations of the same program or course. A teacher or presenter may receive 2 continuing education credits for each credit hour of presentation.
(6m) Two credit hours of continuing education may be granted for one hour of professional activity with a maximum of 6 credit hours of continuing education per biennial registration period for professional activity.
(7) No more than 10 credit hours of the 15-hour requirement may be acquired through participation in board-approved online programs.
(9) Continuing education credit for participation in a multiple-day program, in which each day of the program is a prerequisite for each succeeding day, shall be granted only for completion of the entire program.
(10) A funeral director may receive credit for attendance at a continuing education program which received approval after he or she attended the program, if the funeral director provides evidence of attendance satisfactory to the board.
(11) The board may count any relevant instruction obtained in connection with military service, as defined in s. 111.32(12g), Stats., toward satisfying up to 15 hours of continuing education credits per biennial registration period.


Wis. Admin. Code Funeral Directors Examining Board § FD 4.03
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