Wis. Admin. Code Kickapoo Reserve Management Board § KB 1.03 - General

Current through March 28, 2022

(a) No person may destroy, molest, deface, remove or attempt to remove any natural growth, rocks, minerals, fossils or a natural or archaeological feature except as follows:
1. Edible fruits, nuts, wild mushrooms, dogwood and willow limbs, and wild asparagus may be removed without a permit for non-commercial use.
2. Dead downed wood may be collected and used for campfires at designated campsites unless prohibited by posted notice.
3. Tenants on lands covered by agriculture lease agreements may utilize the leased land as provided under the terms of the applicable lease.
4. Members of the Ho-Chunk Nation may obtain special permits to harvest plants for ceremonial, medicinal, or religious purposes if approved by the traditional court or clan elders and the department of natural resources.
(b) The board may close, by posted notice, any land, structure or property on the reserve. No person may enter or be in any building, installation or area on the reserve that may be locked or closed to public use or contrary to posted notice without a written permit from the property manager.
(c) A group may reserve an area for an event through application to the property manager. Reservations are restricted to groups of 11 or more individuals. The property manager may deny permits to groups hosting activities that do not meet the objective of the reserve identified in s. 41.41, Stats., or this chapter.
(d) Approved recreational uses include archery events, bicycling on designated trails, bird watching, non motorized boating, camping, canoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, dog training, dog trials, falconry, fishing, foot racing, hiking, horseback riding on designated trails, hunting, in line skating on paved trails, inner tubing, kayaking, nature study, photography, arts and crafts, sleigh riding on designated trails, snowmobiling on designated trails, ski-joring on designated trails, trapping and other recreation activities as approved by the board.
(2) HOURS OF OPERATION. The board may designate and post hours of operation for buildings and areas within the reserve.
(a) Disorderly conduct. No person may engage in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct, or conduct which tends to cause or provoke a disturbance or create a breach of the peace.
(b) Evictions. The board may expel any person or persons from the reserve for violations of any state law, administrative rule or posted rules or regulations. The period of time for which a person may be expelled is 48 hours, or for the period of his or her camping permit, whichever is longer. No expelled person may return to the property before the eviction period has elapsed. Persons expelled are not eligible for unused camping or user fees. People charged with violent, assaultive or disorderly conduct may be expelled until after the case is adjudicated in court.
(c) Refuse and recyclable materials.
1. No person may dispose of any debris, waste or recyclable material except by placing the material in receptacles provided for those purposes.
2. No person may dispose of any waste or recyclable materials in any waste or recyclable receptacles or at any location if the waste or recyclable material is generated from a permanent or seasonal residence or a business or other commercial operation.
(d) Noise. No person may operate any sound track, loud speaker, generator, chainsaw, air-conditioner or other device that produces excessive, loud or unusual noises without first obtaining a written permit from the property manager.
(e) Soliciting. No person may peddle, solicit business of any nature, distribute handbills or other advertising matter, or post unauthorized signs on any lands, structures or property on the reserve, or use such lands, structures or property for commercial operations, for soliciting or conducting business, peddling or providing services within or without such lands, structures or property unless first authorized in writing by contractual agreement with the board.
(f) Destruction of property. No person may destroy, molest, attempt to remove or remove the property of others.
(g) Metal detectors. The use of metal detectors is prohibited except by written permit issued by the property manager.
(h) Ski trails. No person may hike or snowshoe on designated cross-country ski trails when the trails are snow covered.
(i) Quiet zones. The board may establish quiet zones by posted notice. Within a quiet zone no person may operate a generator, radio, boombox, musical instrument, tape player or similar noise producing device, unless the noise is confined to the person through the use of a headset.
(j) Fireworks. No person may possess or discharge any fireworks as defined in s. 167.10(1), Stats.


Wis. Admin. Code Kickapoo Reserve Management Board § KB 1.03
Cr. Register, May, 2000, No. 533, eff. 6-1-00. Amended by, CR 16-031: am. (1) (c) Register July 2017 No. 739, eff. 8/1/2017

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