Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 13.03 - Acceptable continuing medical educational programs

The board shall accept the following in satisfaction of the biennial training requirement provided under s. 448.13, Stats.:

(a) Program approval. Educational courses and programs approved in advance by the board may be used for credit, except that the board may approve for credit completed programs and courses conducted in other countries.
(b) Physicians. The board recognizes only those educational programs recognized as approved at the time of the physician's attendance by the council on medical education of the American medical association, or the American osteopathic association, or the accreditation council for continuing medical education or may recognize program providers outside the United States unless any of the foregoing have been previously disapproved by the board. The board will accept attendance at and completion of programs accredited as the American medical association's or the American osteopathic association's "Category I" or an equivalent as fulfilling the requirements of this chapter for continuing medical education. One clock hour of attendance shall be deemed to equal one hour of acceptable continuing medical education.
(a) The board shall accept for continuing medical education credit, voluntary, uncompensated services provided by physicians specializing in psychiatry in assisting the department of health services in the evaluation of community outpatient mental health programs, as defined in s. 51.01 (3n), Stats., and approved by the department of health services according to rules promulgated under s. 51.42 (7) (b), Stats. Four hours of assistance, including hours expended in necessary training by the department of health services, shall be deemed to equal one hour of acceptable continuing medical education for the purposes of this chapter.
(b) Physicians wishing to apply for continuing medical education credit under this subsection shall register in advance with the board and shall notify the board on forms provided by the board of the dates and the total number of hours in any biennium for which the applicant will be available to provide assistance. Referrals shall be made to the department of health services in the order received pursuant to requests for assistance received from that department by the medical examining board and by the psychology examining board.


Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 13.03
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Forms to apply for continuing medical education credit are available from the department of safety and professional services' website at http://dsps.wi.gov, by phone at (608) 266-2112, or by email at dsps@wisconsin.gov.

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