Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 22.05 - Temporary licenses

(1) An applicant for licensure may apply to the board for a temporary license to practice perfusion prior to licensure if the applicant submits all of the following:
(a) A completed application on a form provided by the board.
(b) The fee specified in s. 440.05, Stats.
(c) Evidence the applicant has successfully completed an educational program under s. Med 22.03(3).
(e) Evidence the applicant has passed the examination under s. Med 22.04(4).
(1m) The board may not issue a license under this section if any of the following applies:
(a) The applicant has failed either of the examinations under s. Med 22.04(3) and has not subsequently passed the examination.
(b) The applicant is required to complete an oral examination.
(2) Except as provided under sub. (3) (b), practice during the period of a temporary license shall be under the general supervision of a licensed perfusionist. A person holding a temporary license shall consult at least weekly with the supervising perfusionist who shall at least once a month endorse the activities of the person holding the temporary license.
(a) A temporary license expires one year from the date of its issuance. Upon application, and upon submission of evidence of having passed the perfusion basic scientific examination, the temporary license may be renewed for an additional period of one year. The board may extend the term of the temporary license for an additional 6 months if the applicant was unable to complete the perfusion basic scientific examination within the one-year period due to hardship, including illness of the applicant, illness or death of a family member of the applicant, or an accident or natural disaster. A written affidavit of the hardship shall be provided.
(b) If the applicant fails the perfusion basic science examination prior to the expiration of the temporary license, the applicant shall work under the direct supervision of a licensed perfusionist who is available on the hospital premises to assist.
(c) If the applicant fails the clinical application in perfusion examination prior to the expiration of the temporary license, the temporary license expires.
(4) The application and required documents for licensure and the application for temporary licensure prior to regular licensure will be reviewed by 2 members of the council to determine eligibility. The council may issue a temporary license prior to licensure as a perfusionist to an applicant who meets the requirements of sub. (1).


Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 22.05
CR 03-023: cr. Register March 2004 No. 579, eff. 4-1-04. Amended by, CR 18-074: am. (1) (intro.), (a), (b), (c), r. (1) (d), am. (1) (e), r. (1) (f), cr. (1m), am. (2), (3) (a) Register July 2019 No. 763, eff. 8/1/2019

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