Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 8.05 - Panel review of applications; examinations required

Current through March 28, 2022

The board may use a written examination prepared, administered and scored by the national commission on certification of physician assistants or its successor agency, or a written examination from other professional testing services as approved by the board.

(1) APPLICATION. An applicant for examination for licensure as a physician assistant shall submit to the board:
(a) An application on a form prescribed by the board.

Note: An application form may be obtained upon request to the Department of Safety and Professional Services office located at 1400 East Washington Avenue, P.O. Box 8935, Madison, Wisconsin 53708.

(b) After July 1, 1993, proof of successful completion of an educational program, as defined in ss. Med 8.02(4) and 8.04.
(c) Proof of successful completion of the national certifying examination.
(cm) Proof that the applicant is currently certified by the national commission on certification of physician assistants or its successor agency.
(d) The fee specified in s. 440.05(1), Stats.
(e) An unmounted photograph, approximately 8 by 12 cm., of the applicant taken no more than 60 days prior to the date of application which has on the reverse side a statement of a notary public that the photograph is a true likeness of the applicant.
(a) All applicants shall complete the written examination under this section, and an open book examination on statutes and rules governing the practice of physician assistants in Wisconsin.
(b) An applicant may be required to complete an oral examination if the applicant:
1. Has a medical condition which in any way impairs or limits the applicant's ability to practice as a physician assistant with reasonable skill and safety.
2. Uses chemical substances so as to impair in any way the applicant's ability to practice as a physician assistant with reasonable skill and safety.
3. Has been disciplined or had certification denied by a licensing or regulatory authority in Wisconsin or another jurisdiction.
4. Has been convicted of a crime, the circumstances of which substantially relate to the practice of physician assistants.
5. Has not practiced as a physician assistant for a period of 3 years prior to application, unless the applicant has been graduated from an approved educational program for physician assistants within that period.
6. Has been found to have been negligent in the practice as a physician assistant or has been a party in a lawsuit in which it was alleged that the applicant has been negligent in the practice of medicine.
7. Has been diagnosed with any condition that may create a risk of harm to a patient or the public.
8. Has within the past 2 years engaged in the illegal use of controlled substances.
9. Has been subject to adverse formal action during the course of physician assistant education, postgraduate training, hospital practice, or other physician assistant employment.
(c) An application filed under this chapter shall be reviewed by an application review panel of at least 2 council members designated by the chairperson of the board to determine whether an applicant is required to complete an oral examination or a personal appearance or both under par. (b). If the application review panel is not able to reach unanimous agreement on whether an applicant is eligible for licensure without completing an oral examination or a personal appearance or both, the application shall be referred to the board for a final determination.
(d) Where both written and oral examinations are required they shall be scored separately and the applicant shall achieve a passing grade on both examinations to qualify for a license.
(e) The board may require an applicant to complete a personal appearance for purposes of interview or review of credentials or both. An applicant's performance at a personal appearance is satisfactory if the applicant establishes to the board's satisfaction that the applicant has met requirements for licensure and is minimally competent to practice as a physician assistant.
(3) EXAMINATION FAILURE. An applicant who fails to receive a passing score on an examination may reapply by payment of the fee specified in sub. (1) (d). An applicant may reapply twice at not less than 4-month intervals. If an applicant fails the examination 3 times, he or she may not be admitted to an examination unless the applicant submits proof of having completed further professional training or education as the board may prescribe.

Note: There is no provision for waiver of examination nor reciprocity under rules in s. Med 8.05.

(4) LICENSURE; RENEWAL. At the time of licensure and each biennial registration of licensure thereafter, a physician assistant shall list with the board the name and address of the supervising physician or podiatrist and shall notify the board within 20 days of any change of a supervising physician or podiatrist.


Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 8.05
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