Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 8.07 - Practice

Current through March 28, 2022

(1) SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS. In providing medical care, the entire practice of any physician assistant shall be under the supervision of one or more licensed physicians, physicians exempt from licensure requirements pursuant to s. 448.03(2) (b), Stats., or licensed podiatrists. The scope of practice is limited to providing medical care as specified in sub. (2). A physician assistant's practice may not exceed his or her educational training or experience and may not exceed the scope of practice of the physician or podiatrist providing supervision. A medical care task assigned by the supervising physician or podiatrist to a physician assistant may not be delegated by the physician assistant to another person.
(2) MEDICAL CARE. Medical care a physician assistant may provide include:
(a) Attending initially a patient of any age in any setting to obtain a personal medical history, perform an appropriate physical examination, and record and present pertinent data concerning the patient.
(b) Performing, or assisting in performing, routine diagnostic studies as appropriate for a specific practice setting.
(c) Performing routine therapeutic procedures, including, but not limited to, injections, immunizations, and the suturing and care of wounds.
(d) Instructing and counseling a patient on physical and mental health, including diet, disease, treatment, and normal growth and development.
(e) Assisting the supervising physician in a hospital or facility, as defined in s. 50.01(1m), Stats., by assisting in surgery, making patient rounds, recording patient progress notes, compiling and recording detailed narrative case summaries, and accurately writing or executing orders.
(f) Assisting in the delivery of medical care to a patient by reviewing and monitoring treatment and therapy plans.
(g) Performing independently evaluative and treatment procedures necessary to provide an appropriate response to life-threatening emergency situations.
(h) Facilitating referral of patients to other appropriate community health-care facilities, agencies and resources.
(i) Issuing written prescription orders for drugs provided the physician assistant has had an initial and at least annual thereafter, review of the physician assistant's prescriptive practices by a physician or podiatrist providing supervision. Such reviews shall be documented in writing, signed by the reviewing physician or podiatrist and by the physician assistant, and made available to the Board for inspection upon reasonable request.
(3) IDENTIFYING SUPERVISING PHYSICIAN OR PODIATRIST. The physician or podiatrist providing supervision must be readily identifiable by the physician assistant through procedures commonly employed in the physician assistant's practice.


Wis. Admin. Code Medical Examining Board § Med 8.07
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