Sec. NR 103.04 - Wetlands in areas of special natural resource interest

ยง NR 103.04. Wetlands in areas of special natural resource interest

Wetlands in areas of special natural resource interest includes those wetlands both within the boundary of designated areas of special natural resource interest and those wetlands which are in proximity to or have a direct hydrologic connection to such designated areas. For purposes of this chapter, the following are designated as areas of special natural resource interest:

(1) Cold water communities as defined in s. NR 102.04(3) (a), including all trout streams and their tributaries and trout lakes;

(2) Lakes Michigan and Superior and the Mississippi river;

(3) State and federal designated wild and scenic rivers, designated state riverways and state designated scenic urban waterways, s. 30.26, Stats., ch. NR 302, 16 USC 1271 to 1287, ss. 30.40 to 30.49, Stats., and s. 30.275, Stats.;

(4) Unique and significant wetlands identified in special area management plans (SAMP), special wetland inventory studies (SWIS), advanced delineation and identification studies (ADID) and areas designated by the United States environmental protection agency under section 404(c), 33 USC 1344(c);

(5) Calcareous fens;

(6) Habitat used by state or federally designated threatened or endangered species, s. 29.604, Stats., ch. NR 27 and 16 USC 1531 to 1543;

(7) State parks, forests, trails and recreation areas;

(8) State and federal fish and wildlife refuges and fish and wildlife management areas;

(9) State and federal designated wilderness areas (16 USC 1131 to 1135 and s. NR 1.415);

(10) Designated or dedicated state natural areas established under ss. 23.27 to 23.29, Stats.;

(11) Wild rice waters; and

(12) Any other surface waters identified as outstanding or exceptional resource waters in ch. NR 102.

(Cr. Register, July, 1991, No. 427, eff. 8-1-91; CR 00-164: am. (4) and (11), Register January 2002 No. 553, eff. 2-1-02; corrections in (1) and (6) made under s. 13.93(2m) (b) 7, Stats., Register March 2005 No. 591.)

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