Sec. NR 205.10 - Best management practices

ยง NR 205.10. Best management practices

Best management practices to control or abate the discharge of pollutants shall be included in a WPDES permit issued by the department in all of the following cases:

(1) When the permit is authorized under section 33 USC 1314(e) for the control of toxic pollutants and hazardous substances from ancillary industrial activities.

(2) When numeric effluent limitations are infeasible.

(3) When the practices are reasonably necessary to achieve effluent limitations and standards or to carry out the purposes and intent of ch. 283, Stats. and the Clean Water Act.

(Adopted by, CR 17-002: cr. Register April 2018 No. 748, eff. 5/1/2018)

Chapters NR 216 and 243 also include regulations requiring best management practices for WPDES permittees for control of stormwater discharges and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

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