Sec. NR 668.31 - Waste specific prohibitions - dioxin-containing wastes

ยง NR 668.31. Waste specific prohibitions - dioxin-containing wastes

(1) Effective November 8, 1988, the dioxin-containing wastes specified in s. NR 661.0031 as EPA hazardous waste numbers F020, F02l, F022, F023, F026, F027, and F028, are prohibited from land disposal, unless the F020 to F023 and F026 to F028 dioxin-containing waste is contaminated soil and debris resulting from a response action taken under 42 USC 9604 or 9606 or a corrective action taken under ch. 292, Stats.

(2) Effective November 8, 1990, the F020-F023 and F026-F028 dioxin-containing wastes listed in sub. (1) are prohibited from land disposal.

(3) Between November 8, 1988, and November 8, 1990, wastes included in sub. (1) may be disposed in a landfill or surface impoundment only if the unit complies with 40 CFR 268.5(h)(2) and all other applicable requirements of chs. NR 664 and 665.

(4) The requirements of subs. (1) and (2) do not apply if any of the following conditions are met:

(a) The wastes meet the standards of subch. D.

(b) Persons have been granted an exemption from a prohibition pursuant to a petition under 40 CFR 268.6, with respect to those wastes and units covered by the petition.

(c) Persons have been granted an extension to the effective date of a prohibition pursuant to 40 CFR 268.5, with respect to those wastes covered by the extension.

(CR 05-032: cr. Register July 2006 No. 607, eff. 8-1-06. Amended by, CR 19-082: am. (1) Register August 2020 No. 776, eff. 9/1/2020)

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