Wis. Admin. Code Office of State Employment Relations § ER 3.03 - Changing the classification of a position

(1) Appointing authorities shall notify the administrator of any changes in the duties or responsibilities of individual positions which may affect the classification level of the position. Notification shall be in accordance with the procedures established by the administrator.
(2) All requests for classification actions which are not specifically delegated to appointing authorities must be reviewed and a specific class recommended by the appointing authority prior to a review by the administrator, except in those cases where the action is initiated by the administrator.
(3) When a non-delegated reclassification request, submitted in writing by an employee, is not recommended for approval by the appointing authority, the employee shall be so notified in writing by the appointing authority. If the incumbent feels that the decision of the appointing authority is incorrect, the incumbent may submit to the appointing authority a written request for review by the administrator. Such requests shall be forwarded to the administrator by the appointing authority along with a copy of the written notice to the employee and any other pertinent materials. The administrator shall review the action and make the final decision, notifying both the employee and the appointing authority of the result in writing.
(4) Requests for reallocation, reclassification or regrade are canceled when an employee resigns, retires or is terminated from pay status in the position prior to the effective date of the requested action. The effective date of the requested action shall be determined in accordance with s. ER 29.03(3) or the compensation plan.


Wis. Admin. Code Office of State Employment Relations § ER 3.03
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