Wis. Admin. Code Office of the Commissioner of Insurance § Ins 3.14 - Group accident and sickness insurance

Current through November 29, 2021

(1) PURPOSE. This rule implements and interprets applicable statutes for the purpose of establishing procedures and requirements to expedite the review and approval of group accident and sickness policies permitted by s. 600.03(23), Stats., and s. Ins 6.75(1) (c) or (2) (c).
(3)RATE FILINGS. Schedules of premium rates shall be filed in accordance with the requirements of ch. 601, Stats., and s. 631.20, Stats. The schedules of premium rates shall bear the insurer's name and shall identify the coverages to which such rates are applicable.
(a) Each certificate issued to an employee or member of an insured group in connection with a group insurance policy shall include a statement in summary form of the provisions of the group policy relative to:
1. The essential features of the insurance coverage,
2. To whom benefits are payable,
3. Notice or proof of loss,
4. The time for paying benefits, and
5. The time within which suit may be brought.
(a) Policies issued in accordance with s. 600.03(23), Stats., shall offer to insure all eligible members of the group or association except any as to whom evidence of insurability is not satisfactory to the insurer. Cancellation of coverage of individual members of the group or association who have not withdrawn participation nor received maximum benefits is not permitted, except that the insurer may terminate or refuse renewal of an individual member who attains a specified age, retires or who ceases to actively engage in the duties of a profession or occupation on a full-time basis or ceases to be an active member of the association or labor union or an employee of the employer, or otherwise ceases to be an eligible member.
(b) Surgical benefit provisions or schedules shall provide that the benefit for any covered surgical procedure not specifically listed in the schedule and not excluded by the provisions of the policy shall be determined by the company on a basis consistent with the benefit provided for a comparable listed procedure.
(c) A policy which contains any provision under which the claimant may elect one benefit in lieu of another shall not limit to a specified period the time within which election may be made.
(6)ELIGIBLE GROUPS. In accordance with s. 600.03(23), Stats.:
(a) The members of the board of directors of a corporation are eligible to be covered under a group accident and sickness policy issued to such corporation,
(b) The individual members of member organizations of an association, as defined in s. 600.03(23), Stats., are eligible to be covered under a group accident and sickness policy issued to such association insuring employees of such association and employees of member organizations of such association, and
(c) The individuals supplying raw materials to a single processing plant and the employees of such processing plant are eligible to be covered under a group accident and sickness policy issued to such processing plant.


Wis. Admin. Code Office of the Commissioner of Insurance § Ins 3.14
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