Sec. PSC 160.01 - Scope and purpose

ยง PSC 160.01. Scope and purpose

(1) PURPOSE. Chapter PSC 160 is designed to effectuate and implement s. 196.218, Stats., 47 USC 254, 47 CFR 54 and parts of other sections of the Wisconsin and federal statutes, authorizing the commission to establish and operate a universal service fund and programs to further the goal of providing a basic set of essential telecommunications services to all customers in the state.


(a) The requirements of ch. PSC 160 shall be observed by the telecommunications providers subject to the jurisdiction of the commission as indicated in this chapter, except insofar as any exemption may be made by the commission. Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, s. 196.218, Stats., and the requirements of this chapter apply to telecommunications providers certified under s. 196.203(2), Stats.

(b) Nothing in this chapter shall preclude the commission from giving special and individual consideration to exceptional or unusual situations and, upon due investigation of the facts and circumstances involved, from adopting requirements as to individual providers or programs that may be lesser, greater, other or different than those provided in this chapter.

(3) DISPUTES. Disputes not resolved between the affected parties regarding assessment or support amounts or the eligibility to receive or the liability to pay under this chapter shall be referred to the commission for resolution.

(4) ENFORCEMENT. The manner of enforcing ch. PSC 160 is prescribed in ss. 196.218, 196.499(17) and 196.66, Stats., and includes any other means provided in statutory sections administered by the commission.

(5) ORDERS. The commission may issue orders it considers necessary to assist in the implementation or interpretation of this chapter. The commission shall issue orders only after notice and an opportunity for comment by interested parties including the universal service fund council, except in the following circumstances:

(a) The commission issues a determination not subject to judicial review under ss. 227.52 and 227.53, Stats.

(b) The commission receives a request for a declaratory ruling under s. 227.41, Stats., which requires the opportunity for a hearing.

(c) As otherwise provided in this chapter.

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