Sec. PSC 160.115 - Medical telecommunications equipment program

ยง PSC 160.115. Medical telecommunications equipment program

(1)For purposes of this section:

(a) "Initial application" means the first application for universal service fund support under this section that an applicant files in a state fiscal year.

(b) "Non-profit medical clinic" includes any clinic or hospital that meets all of the following:

1. Is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors.

2. Serves federally designated health professional shortage areas as defined in 42 USC 254e(a) (1), medically underserved areas, or medically underserved populations.

3. Does one or both of the following:

a. Provides services to all patients regardless of insurance status.

b. Uses a sliding fee scale for uninsured patients based on income status.

(c) "Public health agency" includes the department of health services, any local health department as defined in s. 250.01(4), Stats., and any health care facility or program operated by a tribe or tribal organization under the Indian Self-Determination Act (25 USC 450f et seq.)

(2)The commission may grant funding to non-profit medical clinics and public health agencies for the purchase of telecommunications equipment for any of the following purposes:

(a) To promote technologically advanced medical services.

(b) To directly or indirectly enhance access to medical care in rural or underserved areas of the state, or both.

(c) To directly or indirectly enhance access to medical care by underserved populations or persons with disabilities in the state, or both.

(3)The commission may grant a maximum of $500,000 in universal service fund support granted under this section per state fiscal year, or $1,000,000 per state biennium.


(a) An applicant for universal service fund support under this section may not, in its application, request disbursement of support for a time period longer than that specified in the solicitation for grant applications.

(b) All applications shall become public documents upon filing.

(5)An applicant for funding shall include all of the following in its application:

(a) A description of the telecommunications equipment for which universal service fund support is requested.

(b) An explanation of how the applicant's purchase of the telecommunications equipment will support the purposes identified in sub. (2).

(c) Identification of the vendor that may supply the telecommunications equipment.

(d) A description of how the portion of the purchase price not covered by universal service fund support, if any, will be paid for.

(e) A description of the steps taken to secure the telecommunications equipment at reasonable prices.

(f) A statement certifying that the universal service fund support will be used for the purpose granted.

(g) Any other information that the commission considers necessary.


(a) The commission shall evaluate all applications submitted under this section. The commission may approve all or part of an application if it includes the information required under sub. (5) and if the commission determines the following:

1. The applicant is a non-profit medical clinic or public health agency located in Wisconsin.

2. The applicant's purchase of telecommunications equipment will support the purposes identified in sub. (2).

3. The applicant will be able to pay for the portion of the cost of the equipment not funded under this section.

4. The applicant has taken steps to secure the equipment at reasonable prices.

(b) Public health agencies and non-profit organizations that operate more than one location may receive universal service fund support for telecommunications equipment at more than one location, but before approving an application involving an additional location, the commission shall consider how much total universal service fund support has been received by the agency or organization during the time period specified in the solicitation for grant applications and the total amount remaining available to be granted under this section during that time period.

(c) The commission may give preference to initial applications filed by a public health agency or non-profit medical clinic.

(d) The commission may convene a panel of experts to assist in the evaluation of applications submitted under this section.

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