Sec. PSC 168.03 - Services available for resale

ยง PSC 168.03. Services available for resale

(1) Whether offered at wholesale, retail, or both, all telecommunications services of telecommunications utilities and of alternative telecommunications utilities that are required to allow resale by commission rule or order are approved for resale by resellers, except the following:

(a) Trunks for 911 and E911 service.

(b) Telephone relay services.

(c) Multi-party services.

(d) Telecommunications services offered in a market trial. "Market trial" means an offering of a new service for technical or market feasibility testing for a period not exceeding one year, and is offered only to a small subgroup of all intended customers.

(e) Telecommunications services offered at promotional rates that are restricted against resale by the offering utility. "Promotional rate" means a temporary price discount or other incentive offered to customers that will be effective for not more than 90 days for the purpose of encouraging the purchase of new or additional telecommunications services.

(f) Telecommunications services offered at a discount to institutions providing educational, library and health care services, as defined in 47 USC 254 and any rules of the commission or federal communications commission implementing that statute.

(g) Telecommunications services that have been grandfathered, unless the services are resold to customers that are eligible for the grandfathered services. In such cases, the reseller shall be charged no more than the grandfathered price, less any applicable wholesale discount and any other discounts, such as for volume or term, for which the reseller qualifies.

Note Consistent with the last sentence of s. PSC 168.01(1), this subsection does not compel the creation of a wholesale rate, when, for example, a small telecommunications utility is claiming that it is a rural telephone company exempt from such duty under the provisions of 47 USC 153(37) and 251(f) (1).

(2) Where prices for residential services are set below those for similar business services, telecommunications services bought at residential rates may not be resold to business customers.

(3) Upon its own motion, or upon petition by a reseller telecommunications provider, or other interested person, the commission may investigate the resale or potential resale of a service that is offered by a telecommunications utility or an alternative telecommunications utility and is not identified in sub. (1). The commission may determine whether the service should be ordered available for resale, what terms, restrictions and conditions, if any, are necessary or appropriate for resale, and whether under 47 USC 251 any present or proposed term, restriction, or condition unreasonably impairs the resale of the service. The commission may issue an order to protect or promote the public interest. An order may approve, restrict, condition, or remove a restriction on, the resale of a service.

Note This paragraph authorizes the commission to broadly deal with tariff terms and conditions that in operation unreasonably impair the ability of a reseller to resell a tariffed telecommunications service, as defined in s. PSC 168.02(13). To be subject to this paragraph, a tariff need not contain an explicit restriction against resale, which is prohibited by s. PSC 168.03(1).

(4) The ownership or management of a private shared telecommunications system, as defined in s. 196.201(1), Stats., by itself does not constitute resale of telecommunications services for purposes of this chapter, provided the resold services are furnished only to retail end-user customers at a discrete premises, such as a building complex or multi-tenant office building, served by the private shared telecommunications system.

(CR Register, November, 1997, No. 503, eff. 12-1-97.)

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