Wis. Admin. Code Pharmacy Examining Board § Phar 6.06 - Laws and other references

Current through March 28, 2022

The professional service area of a pharmacy shall have equipment of appropriate design and size for the intended pharmacy practice and shall have all of the following:

(1j) The latest available or immediately accessible version of federal and state pharmacy laws consisting of:
(a) Drug enforcement administration regulations, 21 CFR 1300 to end.
(b) Wisconsin pharmacy laws, ch. 450, Stats.
(c) Wisconsin controlled substances act, ch. 961, Stats.
(d) Wisconsin administrative code, rules of the pharmacy examining board.
(2k) References appropriate to the individual pharmacy practice. These references should include, but are not limited to, the following topics: drug interactions; patient counseling; compounding and pharmaceutical calculations; and generic substitution.
(3L) The telephone number of a poison center. This number shall be conspicuously posted in the prescription department.


Wis. Admin. Code Pharmacy Examining Board § Phar 6.06
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