Wis. Admin. Code Physical Therapy Examining Board § PT 5.02 - Supervision of unlicensed personnel

Current through November 29, 2021

(1) A physical therapist shall provide direct, immediate, on-premises supervision of unlicensed personnel at all times. The physical therapist may not direct unlicensed personnel to perform tasks that require the decision-making or problem-solving skills of a physical therapist, including patient examination, evaluation, diagnosis, or determination of therapeutic intervention.
(2) In providing direct, immediate, on-premises supervision, the physical therapist shall do all of the following:
(a) Retain full professional responsibility for patient related tasks performed.
(b) Be available at all times for direction and supervision with the person performing related tasks.
(c) Evaluate the effectiveness of patient related tasks performed by those under direct supervision by assessing persons for whom tasks have been performed prior to and following performance of the tasks.
(d) Routinely evaluate the effectiveness of patient related tasks performed by those under direct supervision by observing and monitoring persons receiving such tasks.
(e) Determine the competence of personnel to perform assigned tasks based upon education, training, and experience.
(f) Verify the competence of unlicensed personnel with written documentation of continued competence in the assigned tasks.
(g) Perform initial patient examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and prognosis, interpret referrals, develop and revise as appropriate a written patient treatment plan and program for each patient, and create and maintain a patient record for every patient the physical therapist treats.
(h) Provide interpretation of objective tests, measurements, and other data in developing and revising a physical therapy diagnosis, assessment, and treatment plan.
(i) Direct unlicensed personnel to provide appropriate patient related tasks consistent with the education, training, and experience of the person supervised. Direction should list specific patient related tasks, including dosage, magnitude, repetitions, settings, length of time, and any other parameters necessary for the performance of the patient related tasks.
(j) Limit the number of unlicensed personnel providing patient related tasks under direct supervision to a number appropriate to the setting in which physical therapy is administered, to ensure that all patients under the care of the physical therapist receive services that are consistent with accepted standards of care and consistent with all other requirements under this chapter.
(k) The total number of physical therapist assistants providing physical therapy services and unlicensed personnel performing patient related tasks under supervision may not exceed a combined total of 4. This number shall be reduced by the number of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants holding temporary licenses who are being supervised under s. PT 3.01(6).


Wis. Admin. Code Physical Therapy Examining Board § PT 5.02
CR 03-020: cr. Register April 2004 No. 580, eff. 5-1-04. Amended by, CR 20-055: am. (1), (2) (intro.), (e), (g), (h) Register June 2021 No. 786, eff. 7-1-21; CR 20-056: am. (1), (2) (intro.) Register June 2021 No. 786, eff. 7-1-21; merger of (1), (2) (intro.) treatments by CR 20-055 and 20-056 made under s. 13.92(4) (bm), Stats., Register June 2021 No. 786, eff. 7/1/2021

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