Wis. Admin. Code Public Service Commission § PSC 104.02 - Definitions

Current through November 29, 2021

As used in these rules, the following words shall have the meaning hereinafter stated, unless the context clearly requires otherwise.

(1) "Accident" as used in ch. PSC 104 is any unscheduled or unforeseen event occurring upon a public utility's premises or directly or indirectly arising from or connected with its maintenance or operation which:
(a) Results in any of the following:
1. A fatality.
2. More than 3 days' lost time by an employee.
3. Personal injury to non-employe requiring hospital confinement.
4. Property damage or other loss to the utility or another person exceeding $500.
(b) Or results from any of the following:
1. A malfunction, failure or improper use of equipment owned, controlled or used by the utility, other than a telephone utility, the use, strength, or location of which is prescribed by any rule of the commission.
2. A malfunction, failure or improper use of any equipment referred to in subd. 1., which results in an interruption of service to the extent set forth a) in s. PSC 113.0606 for an electric utility, b) in s. PSC 134.18 for a gas utility, and c) for other utilities, except telephone utilities, an interruption of service affecting an entire distribution system of an urban area or an important division of a community.
3. A malfunction, failure, or improper use of equipment which results in an interruption of telephone service to all customers in any one exchange or a major portion thereof.
(2) "Person" includes, in addition to a natural person, all associations, firms, partnerships, corporations, municipal and private.
(3) The term "public utility" or "utility" is defined by s. 196.01(5), Stats., but does not include a telecommunications utility or an alternative telecommunication utility.


Wis. Admin. Code Public Service Commission § PSC 104.02
CR Register, October, 1959, No. 46, eff. 11-1-59; corrections in (1) (b) 2. and (3) made under s. 13.93(2m) (b) 7, Stats., Register April 2007 No. 616; CR 13-025: am. Register January 2014 No. 697, eff. 2-1-14.

Alternative telecommunications utilities certified by the commission under s. 196.203, Stats., includes those certified through use of the notice procedure in s. 196.50(2) (j) 1 a., Stats.

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