Wis. Admin. Code SFP § SFP 2.14 - Weapons

Current through November 29, 2021

(1) DEFINITION. In this section, "dangerous weapon" means any device designed as a weapon and capable of producing death or great bodily harm, any electric weapon as defined in s. 941.295(1c), Stats., or any other device or instrumentality which, in the manner it is used or intended to be used, is calculated or likely to produce death or great bodily harm. Dangerous weapon includes: blackjack, billy, standclub, sandbag, bludgeon, nunchaku sticks, throwing stars, sling shot, any instrument which impels a missile by compressed air, spring, or blank cartridges are used, cross knuckles, knuckles of any metal, barbed or blade type arrowhead, bowie knife, dirk knife, dirk, dagger, switch blade that may be drawn without the necessity of contact with the blade itself or is automatically opened by pressure on the handle or some other part of the knife and is commonly known as a switch blade knife, straight-edge razor or any other knife having a blade 3 inches or longer.
(2) DEFINITION. In this section, "look-alike firearm" means any imitation of any original firearm that was manufactured, designed and produced after December 31, 1897, including and limited to toy guns, water guns, replica nonguns, and air-soft guns firing nonmetallic projectiles.
(3) NEGLIGENT HANDLING OF A FIREARM OR DANGEROUS WEAPON. No person may endanger another's safety by the negligent operation or handling of a firearm or dangerous weapon.
(4) OPERATING OR GOING ARMED WITH A FIREARM WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF AN INTOXICANT. No person may go armed with a firearm while under the influence of an intoxicant.
(5) POINTING A FIREARM AT ANOTHER PERSON. No person may Intentionally point a firearm or look-alike firearm at or toward another person.
(6) DISCHARGES A FIREARM IN THE PARK. No person may discharge a firearm, without written consent of the chief of police or his or her designee.
(7) CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON. No person except a peace officer shall go armed with a concealed and dangerous weapon.
(8) SALE OF KNIVES OR DANGEROUS WEAPONS PROHIBITED. The display, sale, or distribution of knives, and / or dangerous weapons of any type, shall be prohibited unless such display, sale, or distribution is specifically authorized by the chief of police or his or her designee under the terms of any contract executed by the board. The board through its duly appointed agents, or representatives, reserves the right to determine what item does, or does not, constitute a knife or dangerous weapon under this subsection.
(9) CARRYING OR POSSESSION OF DANGEROUS WEAPONS. No person may carry, possess or use any dangerous weapon, except with the written approval of the chief of police or his or her designee or for law enforcement purposes. Dangerous weapons not approved by the chief of police may be confiscated by a police officer.


Wis. Admin. Code SFP § SFP 2.14
Cr. Register, September, 1996, No. 489, eff. 10-1-96. Amended by, correction in (1) made under s. 13.92(4) (b) 7., Stats., Register March 2017 No. 735, eff. 4/1/2017

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