Wis. Admin. Code Tcs § TCS 10.07 - Program admission priorities

Current through November 29, 2021

(a) Each district shall have a single application process which applies to all residence categories.
(b) For each district program, districts may limit the number of applications accepted or limit the time period during which applications are accepted, provided that limits are applied equally to all applicants.
(a) Except as provided in sub. (5) (c), district residents who apply on or before the following dates shall have admission priority:
1. For programs commencing any time during the fall semester, the preceding January 1.
2. For programs commencing any time during the spring semester, the preceding May 1.
3. For programs commencing any time during the summer semester, the preceding October 1.
(b) After the dates provided in par. (a), district residents shall have priority equal to non-district state residents for program admission.
(3) NON-DISTRICT STATE RESIDENTS. After the dates specified in sub. (2) (a) 1. to 3. for district residents, non-district state residents shall have priority equal to district residents for program admission.
(4) NON-STATE RESIDENTS. Non-state residents shall be admitted to district programs, after district and non-district state residents, as spaces remain available.
(a) Waiting lists shall be maintained by districts for admission to all district programs.
(b) District and non-district state residents who are not admitted because of program capacity limitations shall be notified of their non- admission in writing and of the option to be included on a waiting list if they inform the district, in writing, that they wish to exercise the option. Those exercising the option shall be placed on a waiting list for the next available program admission.
(c) Waiting list applicants shall have priority over all other applicants for admission in subsequent terms and shall be admitted in the order of their original application for admission. Applicants not exercising the option to be placed on a waiting list at the time they are first informed of the option, who later apply for admission, shall be placed on a waiting list with admission priority determined by the date of such placement.
(d) Waiting list applicants may renew their waiting list status for each subsequent term until admission is achieved.
(5m) SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Each district board may adopt a policy to reserve a reasonable number of program spaces to accommodate admission for students in special circumstances. Factors which may be considered for special circumstance admissions include, but are not limited to, hardship, school-to-work program participation, special need, and enrollment diversity. District special circumstances' policies are subject to state board review and approval.
(6) JOINT PROGRAMS. If a program is jointly sponsored by two or more districts, the participating districts may agree on the number of students from each sponsoring district who are to be treated as district residents of the district at which the program is offered.
(7) COLLEGIATE TRANSFER PROGRAMS. Applicants for collegiate transfer programs, as defined in s. 38.01(3), Stats., shall be considered for admission without respect to their residence category.
(8) RECIPROCITY AGREEMENTS. Students who apply for district admission under s. 39.42, Stats., interstate reciprocity agreements shall be considered for program admission based on the residence category established for students by the terms of the reciprocity agreement.


Wis. Admin. Code Tcs § TCS 10.07
Cr. Register, June, 1994, No. 462, eff. 7-1-94.

It is the intent of the board that the provisions of s. TCS 10.07 apply initially for fall admissions in 1995.

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