053-1 Wyo. Code R. § 1-3 - Definitions

(a) "Apprenticeship Program for Child Care Development Specialists" is a training program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, which is developed specifically for individuals employed in the child care industry.
(b) "Child Care Facility" means any person who operates a business to keep or care for any minor at the request of the parents, legal guardians or an agency which is responsible for the child and includes group day care agencies and day or hourly nurseries, nursery schools, kindergartens or any other preschool establishment not accredited by the state board of education. [See W. S. § 14-4-101(a)(vi)(D) or (K) ].
(c) "Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate" is a standardized, nationally-recognized credential administered by the Council for Professional Recognition that provides evidence of a basic level of competence for individuals working in the child care industry.
(d) "Continuing Education Grants" provide funds to upgrade the skills of child care workers to enhance the quality of child care provided by the industry.
(e) "Continuous Enrollment" applies to Section 5(b)(i)(B) (III) below and means enrollment in at least one (1) credit hour in each of two (2) semesters of a fall, spring, or summer semester within the course of a year based on enrollment date.
(f) "Educational Development Scholarships" provide scholarship funds intended to encourage individuals working in the child care industry to enroll in and complete formal education that will enhance the quality of child care provided by the industry.
(g) "Good Standing" means satisfactory adherence to and completion of all program requirements in rules.
(h) "Major Medical Occurrence" shall be determined by a written statement from a licensed medical practitioner that verifies a participant is no longer capable of participating in the WY Quality Counts! Educational Development Program.
(i) "Mandatory Employment" is required for each individual for whom funds are paid for training in the Educational Development Program. The required length of the mandatory employment is specified for each type of program in these rules.
(j) "Participant" is an individual who has applied and been approved for services under these rules.
(k) "Remedial Education Classes" refer to Math and English classes (below 1000 level) required by the applicable college to enter into the approved degree program.
(l) "Repayment Requirements" refers to the mandatory requirement for a participant, who fails to adhere to and complete all program requirements specified in these rules, to repay all funds provided on behalf the participant.
(m) "Satisfactory Completion" means to meet all terms and requirements for a degree, certification or training program.
(n) "Satisfactory Performance" means fulfillment of and adherence to all terms and requirements of a program.
(o) "Workforce Development Training Fund (WDTF)" is a program administered by DWS that provides Wyoming businesses with funds to train their workers. Wyoming businesses have the opportunity to enhance their employee's skills and to meet the training needs of Wyoming's industries through WDTF funds.
(p) "WY Quality Counts!" is the DWS name for the Quality Child Care program found in Title 14, Article 2 of the Wyoming Statutes.


053-1 Wyo. Code R. § 1-3

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