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Questions and issues for discussion in connection with Topic 6

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1. Issues or questions arising out of the preceding problems and illustrative situations

Which of the preceding problem scenarios (and my responses) would you most like to focus on discussion?

2. Opportunities for family business planning

Do you see opportunities for a family business to shift income in ways that would avoid benefit reduction for those of its principals who want to draw unreduced Social Security before their normal retirement age or does the Rand case persuade you it can't be done?

3. Reform

Are there any possible changes to the benefit adjustment provisions we have explored in this unit that you would like to discuss? If so please explain briefly.

Peter W. Martin

Note: Like all the other "Framework for Discussion" forms this is not a quiz. While I expect everyone in the class to respond, your response will not be graded. This is merely a way to begin discussion of a topic knowing the full range of initial views held by members of the class.