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Instructions: This unit not only surveys the course content and methods; it also introduces the streaming audio form of presentation at the core of all subsequent instruction. If you haven't already installed the free RealOne Player you will need to do so before proceeding. Indeed, if you haven't already run the course welcome and taken the other "getting started" steps at the bottom of the course home page you should also do so now. On this and all subsequent unit "course of instruction" pages each arrow (=>) links to a presentation outline. To launch an outline's streaming audio presentation simply click on the link labelled "Begin streaming" in the upper right hand corner.

A- The Field =>

  • Social Security in what sense?
  • Social Security Law
  • Some measures of the field's importance
  • Several possible approaches to this legal system

B- The Course =>

  • Coverage (necessarily introductory)
  • Materials
  • Course organization
  • Feedback and final evaluation (grades)
  • Discussion, note-taking, controlling the presentations

C- The Law =>

  • Title II of the Social Security Act
  • 20 CFR, Part 404
  • Cases
  • Rulings
  • Other
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